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Need a little help

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I haven't heard any updates on Ralph's (from Ralphsters spores) but know he isn't in business anymore. If anyone ever hears anything about him please let me know.

In the meantime, I need a few names of reliable sources for spores and other supplies such as Skullcap. I want to contact them about a few things including if they'd like to participate in our conference coming up in September.

The general board probably isn't the best place to be discussing all this but I wanted to get to everyone so please just send me a PM if you can help out with some info.

Or just send me an email at psiloscribe@yahoo.com

I've also had a very difficult time finding the old you tube video (set of 4 or 5) about growing that I used to like the best. It was by "RoadKill"

Anyone have a link? Or suggest a new set to use as one to help people out the best. One that handles the basics of the PF Tek.

Thanks very much for any help.


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