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LSD study

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LSD Researchers Are Crowdfunding the First Images of the Brain on Acid


"hopes that “the very best science” will help overcome the taboo on the drug and encourage exploration into how it might help in therapies for conditions such as addiction, depression, and even cluster headaches."


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sorry tangerinearmy, I couldn't resist the pun on the thread "Psilocybin Study"

We've been following progress from this team for quite some time now.

Here are some catch ups -

Independent -

Dr Robin Carhart-Harris is the first scientist in over 40 years to test LSD on humans - and you're next



Professor flooded by student demand for LSD experiment to cure depression



This professor was inundated with eager volunteers for his LSD experiment



Scientist seeking test subjects for LSD experiment is inundated with offers from students



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Wouldn't it be great if we could try to raise some funds to get one a knowledgable UK representative to go to dinner with these researchers. It's  [ch8356]1000 to get someone there.

We have been following this research for some time and have had occasions to meet with and have continued discussions with these researchers. Indeed, enjoying lunches, dinners and drinks with many of them.

the next occasion is

Breaking Convention 2015 The 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness London. July 10-12, 2015


I'm up for contributing towards a token gesture of support for the project.


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Failure to fund LSD test is ‘worst kind of science censorship’

The Times


Professor Nutt who is based at Imperial College, London, has led work on the worldÂ’s first brain scans of people on LSD-25, a potent psychedelic drug that scientists believe could combat depression, alcoholism, nicotine addiction and crippling headaches

Here is an interesting one-



See the case studies at the end -

A therapeutic trip (Illness)

Jack, 31 – Artist


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University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy 476: Principles of Research and Problem Solving

introductory course in research and proposal writing

LSD for Cluster Headaches: Taking a Trip Towards a Treatment


This experience advances our studentsÂ’ critical thinking, analytical reasoning, writing, and verbal presentation skills, which are essential to every pharmacy career path


Harrowing tale told here by plo83 -


LSD-assisted psychotherapy

for anxiety associated with a

life-threatening disease: A qualitative

study of acute and sustained

subjective effects

Page 8 Observations on headaches


Two of the study participants had serious migraine cycles during

the years before treatment. At the LTFU, participant #3 reported

that his migraine cycles and the accompanying pain had been

significantly reduced for a number of months after the LSD treatments.

Participant #12 reported no migraine in the 12 months up

to the LTFU. This incidental observation may be an indication to

support some recent studies (Sewell et al., 2006).


Edit: Can't get the Michigan link to work but it googles ok.

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