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Quoting this from another thread to start this new one . . .

so many of us have been noticing the sudden absence of Fabalicious here on the message board, missing her positivity and hugs, and wondering what's up....well it turns out the doctors are telling her she indeed has heart damage and has to take it VERY easy for a while until they can get a handle on things. She can't even go on the message board.  The way I understand it large quantities of Imitrex in her not too distant past are being blamed. . . . Looking forward to the day when she can get back on here, and really hoping she can make the kind of full recovery from heart damage that J eventually has over the years since ditching the pharma.

She can't even go on the message board.

Is there any way of reaching her? Maybe some kind of group message if she can't look at individual ones?  This makes me so very sad. Of course, I have noticed her absence, but sometimes those things just happen.  She has been such a beautiful life force here.  Speaking of which, I have thought (again) recently that if there are two people who I think would get along great in the world, it would be Fab and Pixie-Elf -- couple of life-loving, plain-speaking, people-helping Texas Women with a capital W who have been through a lot more than their fair share.  Some day . . .

Anyway, if there's a way to reach her, individually or collectively, I'm in.

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I think she has been detoxed, experiencing MUCH better prevention success with her chronic CH va busting, and has practically been a poster girl for complete conversion to a healthy, natural anti-CH program for some months now, but apparently not quite soon enough.  :-/

Her ears might be burning like hades right now too.  :D

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