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RIP Buster

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Some of you have met me in person.

After my 4th brain surgery we arrived home. Had some company over and I could barely walk without falling over.

I DO NOT DO SURGERY WELL, the side effects were bad for me.

I just got home and it was day 5 after surgery

Our friends came by. and a few hours later my wife had to work, as she was leaving she came running in the house and said hey there is a little dog in the driveway, he is so friendly and I dont want to run him over, can someone help.

So we went outside and here was the little friendly dog.

Unable to wag his tail verticle because his hair was dread locks. he stunk so bad. his haor was yellow and blood stained. He was in very bad shape. i went to pet him and all I could feel was bone. He was starving.

We ran inside got him out dogs food and feed him. He ate it.

he had no collar. And was obviously homeless This was Nov 18.

Animal Care and Control doesn't pick up animals so our friend drove him there.

I spent the next few days checking online, pet stores, trees,mailboxes, anywhere that would have a posting for a small dog missing. Nothing.

I called Animal Care and Control.They said he was 9-11 years old minimum. They had de wormed him, de flea him. But he was going blind, deaf, had rotting teeth(hence the blood stains) and was very sick.They estimated he was homeless 3-6 months. Chances are he would be put down. No one adopts sick old dogs.

By law we had to wait 5 days for owner to claim him. My wife and I had zero intention of raising another dog. But this little guy was long negleted and absued. That weekend it went well below freezing. He would have froze to death if he was homeless. So we went and got him back.

Buster lasted 2.5 years. he passed away Thursday. He must have had something nuerological wrong with him. Because he lost his marbles in the middle of the afternoon. He had done it before but it was short lived, under 10 min. This time he did not sap out of it. I had to put him down. The vet said it was his time.

In 2.5 years. he had 250+ vet visits. North of $7000 spent on him and I don't regret it and would do it again just to have him back.

I knew he was sick. We knew he was going one day. I just didn't think it would hurt this bad. I didn't think that this loss would have hit me this hard.

I went from seeing him in the kitchen to having to bury him in less than a few hours. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

He was and will always be family to me.

When we got him. I just knew he was a Buster. I myself had not Busted yet but the irony behind his name is incredible.

He was beside me almost every attack. Always comforted me, never affraid no matter how much I yelled in agony. He always gave me kisses no matter what.

I miss my Buster more than anything. This loss is deep.

I am angry that we were robbed th 3/4 of his life. That he was long neglected and abused before he was homeless. My vet figured he was 15, and said that he was abused and neglected long before he ended up homeless. He should have been loved and taken care of like we did from day 1. I know we gave him a good 2.5 years. But it still hurts. :'(

If you have a dog. Love him/her. Walk them, play with them, love them. One day they be gone and it will hurt equally.

For me Buster.....rescued me.

(thanks for reading)

This photo was how we found him. His tail was so long he couldn't raise it, when it wagged, it swept like a broom. Groomer shaved him and took over a foot of hair off his tail....


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Well you just pushed all my *heartbreak* buttons, and pushed 'em twice!  :'( I'm sure you're helping remind a lot of us to appreciate our pets to the max while we still got 'em.

Here's a toast to Buster, pretty much the best pal anyone ever had, and to you for being the best pal he ever had. I'd say maybe you should do a presentation on Buster at a ClusterBuster conference, but if I was there I'd have to leave the room because I hate crying in public!

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Just the mere thought of him brings me to ears. The irony behind his name and me Busting is uncanny.

I will be forever indebted to him

I have had 10 dogs in my life. Still have one now. BUt for whatever reason This hurts the most

I beleive it was because I did not give up on him as my wife did not give up on me where everyone else had.

I lost friends, a career, relationships.....Buster was left for dead..No one cared but us. I begged my wife we keep him but I remember the day i asked I knew he would make me cry when he was gone.

My dog was like a son to me, and ran to me during my attacks where others ran the other way.

He was sick. so am I. We compliment eachother

My facebook page has alot of videos. Some recent, My poor Bella girl wanders the house crying for him.

This sucks ass soooooo bad. I miss him soooo much.

A part of me died with him

Thank you everyone

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I know you're hurting, but the important  thing to remember is that you gave him the best 2 years he EVER would have had.

You gave him 2 years he wouldn't have gotten with someone else.

You gave him 2 years of LOVE that he couldn't have had otherwise.

He would want you to know that he died happy, and loved, and that was the best way to go. You did the best thing you could have. Those two years are what mattered, and the ones that came before? Didn't mean anything to him, because he was with YOU, and you loved him.

And that's all that they EVER want. You gave that to him.

I am so sorry for your loss.

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46 days later. my eyes still water every time i think or look somewhere in the house where he is.

its incredible how so many can be so compassionate and yet others tell me to quite my belly aching and to fix it is get another dog and replace him.

I wouldn't replace my dad if he died so why my dog?

dogs find us...we don't find them.

we reply on dogs, not them to us.

they don't love us, they only know how to love.

i miss Buster so much and anyone who has loved and lost a pet knows the grief. You don't get over it, you learn to live with it.

The only anger I have is the previous owners and how Buster was robbed of 80% of his life.

Thanks for the kind words but i am no one special.

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