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How many seeds to bust out of cluster


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Hi folks,

I am out of my cluster again, thanks to RC seeds :)

My intention, this time, is to bust every two months; how many seeds are usually suggested to bust, when you are not in cluster?

Same quantity as in the cluster period, or less?

Thank you all again and wish remission for everyone!


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Hey Alex. Haven't done a preventative dosage of rc seeds yet but the last time i was in a cycle I used 25 seeds for my first dose (turned out to be too little it seemed) and 60 my second dose which seemed to be effective. How many did you use? Also, curious to know where you ordered the seeds from? I believe i ordered 500 last time from iamshaman.

Glad to hear you are pain free and wish you all the best!

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Hi Leslie,

I just ordered some from Iamshaman on June 17 with no issues -  they were in stock  - if you haven't tried them yet.

And AlexItalian, I too think staying at your same regular dose is still reasonable when maintenance busting, not in cluster.

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Well hello there BJ,

Thank you. IAMSHAMEN was always reliable for me. I don't know why I didn't start there this time.

I'll put in an order. If I remember right, they were out of stock when I decided to order.

                                                                              Thx     Leslie

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