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Just tellin it as I see it

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This is Dallas Denny and this will likely be my last post on my beloved forum...

This change totally sucks out loud!!! When Bob told me in a text that this was coming, I had hopes that the change would draw some folks back to the board from facebook!! Sadly, IMHO, this will not as it is totally feckin useless on a mobile phone!!



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Myself and others have found the first password reset won't work with either the old or new ID.  It will only work with your original email address you signed up with.  I haven't looked at the board on my phone as my eyes aren't the best at reading tiny tiny print with that tiny tiny browser :)


Please stick around, everyone appreciates your mm insight (especially the food forages around the woods at your house :)



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Yes we have some bugs to work out but stick around and give us a hand.

It's a process just like MM treatments.

Takes a little while to get it right and work out the kinks (and members OF the Kinks)

But it's all worth it.


P.s. Answered from my phone.

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Well I'll be damned if I haven't come back to life!! Thank you to our fearless leader and my friends who voiced there concerns and urged me to stay on the board.....I think ya'll knew I wouldn't stay gone anyway but I was fairly well pissed off when I started this thread (still can't believe fustercluck was still available)!!

So, I will continue to support both this board and the Facebook group...and now that I KNOW there's a mobile version, I'll continue to refer folks on the Facebook group to CB.

However, I am going to continue to keep it real so the remainder of this post is the feedback our CTO ask for...

...my username was not Dallas_Denny, it was Dallas Denny

....I've forgotten what email I signed up with but it's not one of the 2 that are active at this time so it wasn't until I saw your response HERE (logged in as fustercluck) that I knew to use the_....and when I logged in the first time as fustercluck the default page that loaded was the full version which might as well have made the mobile version button invisible so it was again, only by logging back in as fustercluck that i knew to look for a mobile version button

....As I stated in my OP, I knew thru BobW that this change was coming but I didn't know when...I fully expected to see a post from someone with a heads up on the rollout timetable and what to expect.....IMHO, the fact that that didn't happen came across to me as a lack of respect for the members who spend a great deal of time here in an effort to make sure the "newbies" questions are addressed in an expedient manner.


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