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Any results with Zomig nasal spray

Mike Elm

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Hi !


I am presently having a very bad CH cycle. I was okay since 2 years but the beast decided to hit again... :wacko:


Saw my neurologist last week.


I am on 100 mg of prednisone x 3 days, 75 mg x 3 days... ; verapamil 120 mg x 3/day; take oxygen when I the CH hits and the new thing : Zomig Nasal spray. Tried it 3 times; it worked but I felt exhausted for 2-3 hours after taking it... Is this normal? Are your able to work taking that med? What are your experiences... 


Starting to fell pretty tired of the pain  :wacko:






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Mike, I can't say about the tiredness you're experiencing from the Zomig (haven't heard that side effect reported much), and I'm a little confused . . . Are you using it and oxygen to abort attacks?  Are you using it when O2 doesn't seem to be getting the job done?  Have you tried an energy shot/energy drink (or maybe strong cup of coffee) just as you get on the O2?  That helps speed up the abort for a lot of people, and might make the Zomig unnecessary.  Do you have your oxygen system optimized (flow rate above 15 lpm, Optimask)?  Are you doing the vitamin D3 regimen?

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The nasal sprays were never effective for me. I relied on Imitrex injections for many years. I still won't leave my house without an injection on me, although I rarely use it anymore. (I use daily DHE-45 injections to try to prevent an attack in the first place). I think many people (Doctors included) agree that Triptan medications can cause 'rebounds'. As far as feeling exhausted, I seem to get that with many attacks, regardless of what I use. The longer it takes me to abort an attack, the more exhausted I feel from it. If the exhaustion is a real problem for you, keep in mind that Zomig is a Triptan medication and that there are at least 7 different Triptan medications. You may want to ask your doctor about another, but never mix Triptans.


Good luck !



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I find Zomig works very well for me, but the key is to catch the CH early... It's tricky when in a cycle becuase there's often the 'pain scar' lingering so recognising when one is about to hit is important. If I catch it early the CH will only last about 10 minutes and I'm not too tired, but if I wait too long before the nasal spray then it feels like it misses the boat a bit and the pain lasts for up to an hour, then I get more tired afterwards probably from the pain - still better than 2 or 3 hours without it)


the other great thing about the zomig is it travels in my pocket


the last few clusters I've been having a longer 'warm up period' where the pain is lighter and the oxygen works to knock it out, and then the CH hit harder... in this stage the oxygen just seems to delay the CH for an hour / hour and a half, so when I get them at night I get little sleep... but the zomig knocks it out.


maybe it's the combination with the other meds that hits you harder?


I'm able to work on the zomig if I catch it early. concentration is tricky though...

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Hey Mike Elm,


I was also on 120mg 2x morning and 2x night. When i started getting hit with more attacks my neuro told me to up the dose to 120 6x per day. I found this has worked for me in the past. Might be worth asking your doc. 


Currently I am in a cycle a getting hit pretty hard. 120mg 6x per day is limiting me to about one attack a day. My neuro suggested maybe adding lithuim, going to wait few days and decide  

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