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Conference Auction

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Each year at our conferences, we hold an auction to raise funds.

Over the years we've been able to raise quite a bit and those funds have allowed us to not only continue to offer great speakers and programs at the conference, but have helped fund our research expenses.

We'll be doing this again this year so whether you can be there or not, you have an opportunity to participate.

If you're planning on being there and would like to bring something along to donate, it's very much appreciated.

if you'd rather ship it ahead of time, you can do that.

For those that can't make it but would like to donate an item, please send it to:


C/O: Chris Runyard

3942 SE Salmon St.

Portland, OR


Chris would appreciate it of items are sent to arrive AFTER August 1st.

We've had a wide range of items donated in the past. Everything from bottles of wine to handmade craft items. Oil paintings to Oxygen masks. Books autographed by the authors and sports memorabilia.

Thanks to all the people that have not only donated items in the past but those that have purchased them.

Any questions, just post here or drop me a PM.


P. S. in addition, for those that may have missed this on the conference page, we do offer advertising in the conference syllabus. For details on this, contact Fun Guy here.

P.P.S. If you need a tax deduction, it's one way to get the government to help fund our cause. (shhhhhh) ;-)

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