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Ayurveda - a new possibility for treating cluster headaches

Tony Only

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First of all, I have to say as far as I know, when treating illnesses, Ayurvedic approach does not aim to treatment, it aims to curing the condition. I had to make this post when I saw people making fun about Ayurveda in Facebook Cluster Headaches group. I think a great place for more serious discussion about this would be here in Clusterbusters forums. As a personal opinion, I think Ayurveda would have a lot to offer for CH patients and I have seen some of this potential myself. This is something we would seriously need to look into. I have heard wiser people than me say that Ayurveda might have a chance to "cure" CH, although I am doubtful, I am not ruling that one out. Here in Finland we were blessed to have a lecture put together for us by 2 Auyrvedic practitioners in finnish CH convention. Clusters were (at first) new to them and naturally Ayurveda new to us. It turned out that Ayurvedic medicine has known clusters pretty much longer than western medicine, which is not surprising at all (after all, our "system" and knowledge is based on these ancient ones). When practitioners started to look for clusters in old Ayurvedic texts (dated back thousands of years) guess what herb they have used to treat CH? Yup, liquorice root. Ayurveda is much about changing your life, getting to know your body type (and yourself), adjusting your diet - many of the the things that will definitively link to anyone's CHs. There is a possibility to arrange a study about this. Anytime. I can also deliver more information about this if there is interest to learn more. I truly wish some people would get into this. For me, Ayurveda is probably the healthiest way I have ever heard of with what anyone could treat their clusters.


I simply have to repeat; it's possible to arrange a study to see how Ayurveda actually could help in cluster headaches. How valuable would that be to the whole CH community? Based on what I know about clusters and the little I know about Ayurveda, I can't even imagine.

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I will deliver some additional information here when I get it. My knowledge about this subject is so minimal.


EDIT: A member of this forum sent me this link: http://www.ck-wissen.de/ckwiki/index.php?title=Bericht_Nalana

You can translate the page for an example with https://translate.google.com/


2nd EDIT: I sent the link to finnish Ayurveda practitioner, he said this is only the nasya treatment. This can be taken lot further. He wrote to me "If diet + one herb + nasya can do this, imagine what 21-28 days of ayurvedic treatment could achieve?"

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Here it is. Ayurveda is an ancient indian medical science and health care tradition. We here in Finland were blessed to find an Ayurvedic practitioner Ossi Viljakainen who took interest in cluster headaches 2 years ago and now has compiled this work for us. Ayurveda does not see clusters as incurable. Also the first writings about cluster headaches in Ayurveda are dated back to 1500 BC (there may be even older ones).

Any and all research would be so valuable and to find patients to participate in this. Ossi did this work and put this together for us.


If there would be weaker response I would imagine that might be among medication resistant patients who have turned out that way due to heavy long term over use of prescription medications since ancient Ayurveda treatments naturally could not take attention of prescription drugs.


EDIT: File was too big for upload as an attachment so I have placed it here:


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On 12/18/2015 at 1:51 AM, Tony Only said:

Here is an additional file that can be shared to ayurvedic practitioner or doctor, since cluster headache is also a rare condition in Ayurveda and not all are familiar with it. This file contains treatments that can also be carried out at home by patients as self-treatments.



Hi Tony, I'm from india and so much more exposed to Ayurveda. 

My brother was born with very serious egzema all over his body. He was weak and i saw him struggle with it all out childhood. My parents tried everything including Ayurveda oils and medicines but nothing seemed to make any difference in his condition. When he was 18 we met with a Vaid who felt his pulse and cured him in 2 weeks. He then regained his health and joined the Indian army.

I went to a Vaid myself for my CH last month. He felt my pulse and said that he was not able to figure out anything as there were some bad medicines in my system. He advised me to stop all medication, wait a month and go back to him. Only then would he know if he could help me. At the time i was on Prednisolone and Verapamil. Have since stopped.

I will visit him again and if he is able to help me, i will report back on this page.

Ayurveda cannot be overlooked for any sort of treatment.

Om Namah Shivaye

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I've had cluster headache for about 4 years now. I've tested a range of different treatments, both from the doctors and some more experimental, but nothing's helped much. I was travelling to India for work about six months ago, when I was recommended an ayurvedic doctor who had been successful in treating an acquaintance' migraines. Although I was a bit skeptical, I thought 'why the hell not' and went. The doctor had mixed a range of different medicines for me, and I went there for three days for a treatment that consisted of warm oil being dropped in my forehead and rubbed in to the skin around the neck. Already after the first night did I feel better, and after only 3 days of treatment I felt better than in months. Since then I only had slight 'shadow' attacks, so went to an ayurvedic practitioner in my hometown in Europe, and I still have most of the medicine left, and so far I've been able to avoid the clusters.

I have no idea what all the medicines contain but one of the bottles have a list of ingredients, so in case someone finds this interesting I post them here:

- Terminalia chebula 0.79%

- Terminalia belerica 0.79%

- Emblica officinalis 0.79%

- Swertia chirata 0.79%

- Curcuma longa 0.79%

- Azardirachta indica 0.79%

- Tinospora cordifolia 0.79%

- Woodfordia fruticosa 2.534%

- Madhuca indica 2.328%

- Acacia nilotica 1.1672%

- "Guda" 29.14%


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