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Clusters + Heart Rate + Apple Watch

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I recently bought an Apple Watch (which is really cool if you're a Geek like me). I also downloaded a pretty decent Sleep App for it that monitors your sleep patterns. As sleep (or the lack of) is a trigger, I like to keep an eye on things. This sleep app (Sleep Pulse 2) is quite impressive, and thanks to the heart rate monitor on the watch, is able to track one's heart rate during the night.


Below are my 2 most recent heart rate graphs. I clearly remember being woken up early this morning with a mild cluster, and was quite surprised to see, at about the same time, my heart rate had shot up to 113 beats per minute!!


So, I began looking at previous nights, and there are also some spikes (102 bpm).


I'm going to keep monitoring it, and try to capture my heart rate when I get an attack during the day to see if there is actually a direct correlation. But thought it interesting, and if someone else has one of these smart watches, if they've noticed anything similar.











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Very interesting - keep us posted. It would be good to unlock the mysterious sleep connection. I'm guessing the heart rate went up as a result of the intense pain, but whose to say - it could have been the other way around, meaning the pain was a result of the change in heart rate.

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