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Long Air Flights a trigger?


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I have had migraines for 30 years and have had some successes with keeping them at bay but recently while traveling had a ton of migraine. But worst of all while on a 24 hour flight back from Asia - I started feeling dizzy and could not get my balance, as if I were super drunk. Started vomiting. Luckily a doctor on the flight gave me an injection of anti-nausea drug. But last two weeks since getting home - I have had TERRIBLE migraines every day, tho they are kind of tapering off. This is the first time I considered myself to suffer specifically from "Cluster" headache. Anybody here had experience along these lines?

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Flights cause my ordinary daily migraines to turn into CH.


Somewhere in the middle of a flight I will feel something like a bullet go into the middle of my nasal sinuses and then the nerve gets struck later about 12-36 hours. I will wake up in my sleep or late in the afternoon it will strike and begin a 2 week cycle of 2-3 per day.


I haven't flown to see family or friends in almost ten years now. I probably won't go to my own parents funeral, but nothing is worth firing up a cycle.

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