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busting w rc 1st time


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thanks for all the info everyone, thanks Bob, I got the 02, rc, red bull and my nine lb hammer (my beast's name), I know how to process rc, just need to know how may seeds do I need? 2 days left on detox... staying positive and persistent

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I personally started with 25 a couple years ago.  Now, during cycle I take 50-60 each dose and 25 off cycle as a maintenance dose every other month.  You'll need to do some experimenting. 

Tonight matter of a fact, I'm planning on doing 80 because I'm just pissed at the beast at the moment.  Hopefully it will be a big FU to him after ingest these little darlings.   This will be dose #2 during this cycle.  My last dose was last Sunday (60 seeds).

Make sure you read everything on the home page on seed use as a general guideline.

Best of luck!


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just need to know how may seeds do I need?

Hello razor,

Seeds are very mild my friend, I doubt you will have any problems with them.

I don't know of anyone who has had any hallucinogenic effects with them.

just make sure you squeeze each seed with a pair of pliers, just to make sure that each one contains the white pulp, any that don't. Disregard.

I would begin with at least 35.

Good luck, & lets hope they have the desired results.


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thanks, have to say i'm a little nervious
If you have never experimented before, I can understand however I can assure you, seeds do nothing to me.

Even when I eat 80 of them.  If anything, a little nausea and once that goes away, I simply fall asleep.  Absolutely no tripping effects what so ever.  You may need several doses in order for them to work.  Don't get discouraged if you get hit hard the next day or two either.  It's common.

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