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This is my method


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CH since 2002. Tried lots of stuff. Cycle started two weeks ago and I have found a way to manage it for me. Finally, after 14 years of misery and 7 weeks out of year! Try this and it will be manageable. Get back to me with results.


2am every morning the pain comes.


Now, before I go to sleep around midnight, I snort around 7-9mg of Sumatriptan. If the beast wakes me up I snort about 5mg more. Snorting makes the drug act fast. My headaches are less than 15 minutes if I use this method. One 100mg pill to last about 8-10 days.


Swallowing pills takes too long to act. Nasal sprays and injections are too expensive without enough days supply.


I will take mushrooms to interupt the cycle which almost always works. Take 1.5-2 grams of psylocibin mushrooms into tea. This prevents hallucinations which I don't deal with well.


As always, lots of water!

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I'm very glad this works for you.  I have no idea whether it's safe.  It's also interesting to me that it seems you can stop a cycle with shrooms even when you are using triptans, if I'm reading that correctly.


You know you can split the injections?  Still expensive, but 3-for-1, at least, and of course an extended supply.  https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/2446-extending-imitrex/


You're not using oxygen, I take it.  That 15 minutes to abort with the snorting could well be considerably less time, and no side effects, with an optimized O2 system -- high flow, good mask, good breathing technique.


Have you tried the D3 regimen?  Very effective for most people who try it.  https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/

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Welcome Nordberg..... coupla questions...


Have you tried a full pill before bed as a prevent? Many have...it apparently doesn't work....but wondering?


Never having used the pill or researched is there the possibility of crushing the pill for oral admin...and/or perhaps sub lingually

(probably tastes like used Redbull)...but just wondering?


That pre-bed snort is curious.....since there is no need for fast acting at that time...and the half life of suma is short... I would

expect this is somewhat wasted...of course...depending on experience with q#1.


Snorting has been discussed on another forum....but from my recollection... the subject broached by folk who sent

up alarm bells that made one immediately skeptical. Your reasoned post does not....I just need to point out that using

a med in a way not offered, studied, condoned by the manufacturer(like maybe crushing like I said above :huh:)...while not necessarily/automatically "wrong"...is not something I would undertake lightly....and I urge folks new to clusterheadache to be extremely cautious in going "off instruction" with ANY med. I'd talk to a pharmacist......


And a couple other comments...night time hits...for me...were most amenable to O2...I didn't even have to fully wake up....which is actually an excellent strategy since one can get a bit of sleep between the multiples (I used to get) at night. I'd try again....minimum

15 lpm with non rebreather and hyperventilating...it's cheap and side effect free....just sayin'....


Good thought on water...tho it never made a dang bit of difference for my ch...many report it does...and it prevents lots of

other issues.... which I unfortunately learned the hard way....





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