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Can a cycle of CH cause also

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I think this story is a bit different.. 

My name is uriel , 32M, from Jerusalem, Israel.

Had short cycles every 2-3 years since 11 years ago, never cared to much, not even enough to get checked. 

Since 30 days ago im in a cycle that i've never had before, the kind the DOES make you go check...

Attacks every 48 hours of 2-5 hours, pain level 3-7, consistent, stubborn and long cycle, far longer than ever before.

I was emotionally shocked- I suffered PTSD from violance in childhood and I can feel the similarity in the emotional symptoms, like many of you - I have seen a lot in my life, and i can clearly say that this is the most traumatizing experience that i've had in my adult life.   

once i realized that my symptoms are of CH, I started trying: Mushrooms, LSD, Magnesium, and other stuff - nothing changed in a way that was close to satisfy me. Then, 8 days ago, I started taking 3 "Kudzu" (81mg) a day, and with first signs of pain - I drink half a "Red-Bull" and im extremely happy to say that the both pain levels and attack lengths have reduces about 90%! (attack last 20minutes-1 hours and pain level is 1-3, frequency went down only 10-20%) 

But here's where the story is twisting.

48 hours ago i suddenly felt an extreme "sugar-level-drop" that led to almost fainting and I had to sit on a sofa and couldnt really walk for an hour, friends bought me some food and after about an hour i could walk again, then - yesterday i felt weak, dizzy and disoriented but not "faintish". then felt good again, then today- again - an "attack" of this weakness that almost made me faint. had to sit in a coffee place for 30 minutes till i got the courage to try walking again. so.. im confused... what is happening to me ? i couldn't see this symptom in CH-cycle symptom research, and no "Kudzu" side-effect related from what i've seen.   

I do have some loose ends. 

Seems to me that this feeling is triggered 2 minutes after the first feeling of hunger in the stomach. for some reason I have this feeling lately even 1 hour after a meal, so sometimes i would just eat a piece of bread to prevent this feeling and triggering this "weakness attack", and I can also say that I think that this hunger feeling is also a trigger for my CH attacks. so... something about my digestion system ? i've read that CH is related to the Hypothalamus in the brain which is also related to hunger/thirst sensations... 

I will see doctors within a few days and go for CT scans for the first time.

But when I put it all together, I see a CH cycle like never before, and now these extreme "weakness" attacks...so i wonder if there is something more that only CH which is happening in my brain right now. 

anyone has any idea ? ever heard of similar symptoms? any one know of a Hypothalamus for sale? 2nd hand is fine ;)

thanks a lot

and thanks to whoever made this forum! 

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