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Survey help - FDA


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As some of you know, rather than flying home from the conference, I took a side trip to visit with the FDA regarding the current state of available treatments for cluster headaches.
Myself and a couple of headache specialists and others had the task of convincing the FDA that we are not content with 2 level A acute treatments, oxygen and Imitrex, and 1 level C preventive, verapamil, according to the AAN's recent analysis.

They were under the impression that we had all the options we needed. I made the point that as long as one of the options remains suicide, we are not content.

I need your help. I am preparing my written response as a follow up to the meeting and the discussions will continue.

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey at the following link. Of course answer all questions honestly and truthfully. Just taking note of questions #3 and #7 will explain the importance of gathering this data and relaying it to the FDA.

Its only 11 questions and should only take a few minutes. I need to get my response to them rather quickly so please don't wait too long.



Thanks much,
Bob & Clusterbusters

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Bob, thanks for trying to push alternatives through. Your form however has me wondering 2 things. You only allow people to write about LEGAL busting or abortives. The truth is MOST people, as you know use the less than standard legal busting alternatives. Thus, if this form is being sent to the government, do we want to let them know what we CH's are up too. Trust issues I know is paranoia but still. Any advice? Thanks for all you do.

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