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The beast came back on me on this time


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My episode started late this July and lasted until mid September (I get hit every 2.5 years for 2 months or so).

I was PF for 2 weeks and the beast came back in the middle of the night one weekend.

It's been 2 weeks and I am since getting them every night & again around 5:00 am.

The pain is less severe (kip 4) with alcohol as a major trigger.   A few nights ago I had one that lasted 3 hours.

I am very concerned that I could be going chronic at this point.

I tried 2 attempts to bust with RC seeds but it hasn't done anything.  Typically I would be PF at least during a 24 hr stretch when I seed but now it has no effect at all.


Truth be told I smoked some weed the night the beast returned.  Could that have been the catalyst?

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?



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Hey SOS,


Well, there is ongoing debate on whether weed helps or hurts. Seems to depend on Indica or Sativa. Most use it after a hit is over. Some say it will trigger a hit for them. Most would avoid alcohol completely. Dropping both of these substances for now would be my recommendation.


CH has it's own way of messing with us. Like changing!! Not the time to worry about becoming chronic. That means only having about 2 weeks PF in a year.


Have you tried upping your seeds? You say these are lower level hits, so that might help.


Also be aware that falling barometric pressure can have a bad effect on your head. It is that time of year. :(

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Thanks I thought about the pressure as well as a possible culprit.

This has never happened before in the 15 years I've been getting these.

Also the shadows have moved from my head to behind my eye, which is something new.

Usually there's a tenderness on the side of my head in between hits but now it's all felt behind

my right eye. 


Been dosing with 65 seeds or so.  How much would you suggest I up it to?

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Mitch Post, who knows a lot about CH (he posts under a different name here -- not here much anymore -- but is very public over at the Facebook group), strongly suggests 100 seeds as a standard dose.  That's always seemed unnecessarily high to me, but who am I to say?  I know of some people who take 80 and still have no psychedelic effects.  The point of taking lots of them (as I'm sure you know) is to compensate for possible low LSA content in the seeds you have, since that content is so variable.

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I'd say up the dose to wherever you feel comfortable.  The general rule most of us have found, is you need a threshold dose for it to work on our CH.  Meaning, you should feel the effects, for it to beat down your CH.


It's typical for seeds to have little to no LSA if they're old, which is the primary reason I usually recommend to keep upping the dose till you 'feel' it.



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