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After an attack


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My husband was diagnosed last year with CH by our GP and confirmed by a Neurologist. 

We have started noticing since his last attack (+- 2 months ago), that his short term memory is not what it used to be.

I had to rush him to hospital for O2, who left him waiting for treatment for at least 45 minutes.  We now have O2 at home.

I was just wondering if other people have noticed any side effects after an attack.



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I have short term memory issues caused from multiple concussions, so I can not speak for others. In saying that I have noticed that after a CH my short term memory is much worse. The good thing is it seems to go back to my normal in a few days.

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Thanks for the reply.  We are kinda new to all of this.

It has taken him normally about 2 or 3 days to get back to normal after his previous attacks but this time it is taking nearly 2 months. We have also noticed other issues as well that just do not seem to want to go away.

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I have memory issues right after the attack stops, I feel very ,very slow mentally right after the attack . Probably 30points lower IQ.

It lasts for about 1h ,but it improves slowly after 5min after the attack and full recovery up to 1-2 H . 


That  demonstrates itself in bad cognitive abilities, difficulty to find correct word that you know ,recall a famous actor name for example  and also motor skills are horrible but get better .After 1-2 h I feel like it never happened. I also feel a little euphoria 5-30min after the attack, mild to medium  happiness and optimism.


But no signs of memory problems 2 hours after the attack or days when i don't have attack.

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