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cluster with aura!

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hello fellow clusterheads,it has only been in the past 4 years of my 18 years suffering

that i get a terrible pulling, numbness,and tingling feeling from my neck down to my

arm.feels like my neck is being stretched like a steak!"best description".but always 

before the beast is ready to strike.!my specialist says this is an aura phenomenon,

any more input would be much appreciated.

thank you

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I wonder if your 'Cluster knot' is pressing on a nerve?


Mine forms just below the skull on the CH side and stays for a full cycle if it is a bad one. Just prior to a hit, it would really start to hurt.


Seems logical as the nerves exit the spinal column and go to the arms.

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I really think the secret to cluster headaches is dealing with what I believe is the underlying cause -- severe muscular tension in the neck. I'm confident that massage, moderate upper body exercise with rowing machines, and constant work on relaxing the shoulders and neck will likely stop the cluster headaches. 

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I get the same thing during cluster times. My clusters also started way, way, way before the arm shoulder neck thing. For me, the clusters are more the cause of the tension, not the result.

Working those muscles would and does  help reduce frequency from the Clusters specifically kicked off by muscle tension, but it isn't a flat out cure.

I've been working on and with my muscles/muscle health for 15 years.


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