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14 years in the making, psilocybin & clusters enter the lab


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In 2002, Clusterbusters was formed to take a pro-active role in researching for a cure for cluster headaches and find new and improved treatments.

Eventually, 6 advocates traveled to Boston and met with the administration of Harvard Medical School and convinced them of the importance of this research and they agreed to undertake the first psychedelic research project at their institution in 40 years.

On Feb 9th, 2004, an agreement was signed to begin research at Harvard University, looking at using psilocybin as a viable treatment option providing results far better than anything currently available.

The first published results from this groundbreaking clinical study of this treatment appeared in the prestigious medical journal Neurology in June of 2006.

This has been an incredibly long and often frustrating process that included the discovery of BOL-148, starts and stops of every fashion, thousands of people finding relief with various new options and an unending determination to push forward past every obstacle. The growth of Clusterbusters into an active and successful advocacy group for the entire community, built with contributions from hundreds of people that refused to let the words “can’t”, or “no” stop them from helping others.

Along the way we have added some incredibly dedicated advocates, we have lost one of our original research team members, Dr. Andrew Sewell, added extraordinary researchers and headache specialists to our team, overcome those that have tried to stop us and will continue to push forward.

Yes, it has taken 14 years but I am both proud and pleased to announce the following:







Adults with chronic cluster headache, age 21 - 65, needed for a research study investigating Psilocybin in the treatment of cluster headache.


ClusterBusters, a non-profit advocacy and education group, is participating in the recruitment of subjects for a pilot study investigating the safety and efficacy of psilocybin in cluster headache. This study is taking place at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine.



Earn $100 per test day. Three test days total.


Call (203) 932-5711, ext. 4335

All calls are confidential



HIC # 1607018057, HSS # DD0063

Biological Studies Unit, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, West Haven Campus






A few details of explanation:

1.      This study will require at least 4 visits to the study site, with time between visits which will require needing to be in the area for a while.


2.      Please call during regular business hours (9:00am-4:00pm EST) if possible.


3.      Participants will need to be physician-verified chronic cluster headache sufferers.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone that has worked so hard for all these years to make this happen.


Bob Wold


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Absolutely brilliant news. As I'm (very very luckily) not chronic I couldn't take part, otherwise I'd be willing to fly anywhere in the world to try and help.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who's worked so hard to get this to where it is.


Lets hope for some conclusive results

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I called yesterday and answered the questions, meet the criteria for the trail, just live to far away. she was very sincere and interested in me and what I use for ch. I think even through I can not make this trail , with insight into CH they will see the need to open other trails around the US. My information went in their database and any further trail with less time needed on site I would be contacted. This is hope for me, if your chronic call and take the survey, who knows maybe if enough of us answer their call and they see the need, then we made a difference. peace

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We did it bob! I can't believe it happened in my lifetime! Thank you for using my info to create a whole new era for psychedelic research. It's been 17 years with 18 on the horizon cluster free. I have triggered hundreds for experiments on myself for others. I found smoked dmt,Only 3-5mg is needed to bust in under 60 seconds. That low of a dose only clears your head and relaxes it. No blast off needed. I don't know if it busts cycles, but is the best abort I've found and is so easy to make. It's also very cheap, a hundred dollars can make a lifetime abort supply. Again, I'll say Ald- 52 is the best for busting and is a research chem that is easy to get, but analog laws apply! It oxidizes to a super clean lsd. Orange sunshine is ald and is very available. One dose of that will end a cycle, but I'm not a wimp and enjoy being healed, so I've found microdosing to be detrimental to a cure. It takes a psychedelic dose of 250ug or more to cure them. Yes, on my 18th birthday I will consider myself cured. I enjoy ald very much and still use it, sometimes air pressure or chemicals will cause a strange feeling, but they don't come down, it's more like a sinus pain, but nothing near a real challenge. I still have ptsd, not as bad as it was, but other factors are involved in that. I went to war with those Damn things, makes you merciless and you can go crazy if you want. I'm just so proud we know how to stop these things. I did the dmt experiments 10 years ago. Cured sleep apnea too. Since I cured mine and have completed any studies I've done, I came down with Crohn's and UC and after 19 years of that, I found it's caused by gums in good and vaccines. Popsicles are full of gum, ice cream man starts it. It gets stuck in your gut and an inflammatory response is initiated when vaccinated, sealing the bug filled gum in mucus. Now your a giant Petri dish. Took months to get that out once I read the ingredients. Told my GI Dr and he thought he was lactose intolerant. Nope, our food supply has been poisoned. We can handle Euro food and now two more horrible diseases don't have to happen. I've spent my entire life looking for a cure to ch. I'm just glad someone took me seriously, I got skewered on clusterheadache.com after I posted my original theory in 1998. This truly is a dream come true, we have all suffered so much affecting everyone around you and most of us had to endure torture of unfathomable pain. Now I feel like the war against the beast has been won, but you must be willing to enjoy a psychedelic experience. I can't think of a more fun way to cure myself. I am able to help anyone right now, so let's cure some more people! It actually took 19 years to get this done, but who cares about the past? Get cured now...also gotta give props to pinksharkmark for providing early instructions. Good luck to all of you and lose your ego. It's stopping you from being cured. We are all addicted to pain, this is a main cause of repeated attacks at the same time. Each person is different,but once you realize It, you'll see the pattern. That was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Your pupil dilated because that side of your head is trying to get a pineal release and depending on metabolism, takes 4 to 6 hours to get another release. Let it go too long, you may damage that gland. Also, if you have not cleaned your pineal gland, It is imperative to have a clean gland. No chlorine or flourides. Now they have chloromides in tap water which is much worse for your pineal than chlorine. I'll check in here and there, lurking is more fun. Thanks to everyone who took me seriously, it took years for me to go back after being skewered as a drug seeker, but when I did see this happening, I couldn't be more proud to see people curing themselves and knowing you have options to stop this terrible disease. No one needs to suffer anymore, if you are, do something about it! Peace

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