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Episodic suffer for 15 years - with each episode growing in intensity/# of attacks/last 2-3 years including periodic daytime attacks.  During last episode read about benefits of LSD/LSA.  New attacks began 1+ month ago and with approximately 3-5 headaches per night. Was able to order some RC seeds.  2 weeks ago took approximately 14  broken down through cold water extraction pus small amount of lemon juice.  Week ago the same method was used, 17 seeds.  Since the initial intake of the RC seeds I have been primarily headache free, with a few nights of a headache - but significantly less intense than during a episode.

Question is, do I keep taking the same amount of RC seeds weekly over the next several weeks as the length of the cluster period would last - or cease consumption and evaluate how the headaches are over the next few days/weeks.

Thanks for any response.

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Great news!!   Hard for me to think of why you wouldn't take at least one more dose for the sake of clearing it all out.  Maybe scientific curiosity, but I think most folks would choose pain-free over science.

Thank you for the detail in your report.  14 seeds and 17 seeds would these days be considered by many to be very low doses, so it's good to have these data points.

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Congratulations on your success! Love it when people beat the Beast.
I think the amount of LSA in the seeds (either RC or HBWR) is very dependent on the freshness and handling - at least that is what my limited experience with HBWR indicates and I see no reason it would not also apply to RC seeds.
I've only tested two batches of HBWR from different vendors. Very big difference in my results.
The first made no claims as to the date of harvest, but was the cheapest I could find on ebay. 1000 HBWR seeds for $35. I bought this many because I was playing around with extraction methods and threw many batches away. An appropriate dose to keep pain free from this batch was 3 - 4 seeds.
The second batch was dated 2015 harvest. I've taken two doses so far of 1/2 seeds each and feel it might be a little light (just on the edge of shadows) and will increase this to 1 seed.

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