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off to the dam shorty,need advise on truffles!

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hello guys,getting off to the dam shorty,as it will be a first with the truffles any advice would be a help,

i need 3.5 dried shrooms to have any effect for me,!therefore how would i judge the amount?

i am 4 hours in from taking 3.5 of the"terrance makenner strain" as i write this!just have to say 

that strain has been very kind to me,so would like some input on what strains i should go for.!

thanks folks and pain free wishes to you all.

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hi iv just started using truffles and to help with my CH because i could not get any shrooms as i was too slow to grow for this years episodes and could only find truffles to buy .. the web site i use is good as it grades its truffles to tell you what strenth and what kind of trip to expect but because i dont want to trip and just want the medicinal benifits i take a quarter of what should b taken for a trip and find this helps . i still get a few small episodes for a few days then nothing i thaught that i had been cured by the shrooms and thats why i hadn`t grown any for this year only to be caught out by the devil that is CH


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