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I have been diagnosed with chronic CH, and have many life alter experiences of late with this  nasty disease which includes my house and business for sale , and applying for disability , which cant be done because of being self employed, But after applying for the clinical research being done , I as willing to wait to use this information to help others, but being the companionate group I have  found here this has been a god send and was advised to start mm treatment ,, and ,, wow,, had immediate results, I am on the second dose this past weekend and after a 12/10 seemed like a 10 hour head busting blast of pain , I awake after speeding the whole time in bed, with no pain, but felt like I was run over by a truck thou , and did not make it to work the next day because I was all day in bed again , but less severe and less frequent attaches , knowing the side effects of the mm treatment my significant other who is monitoring the results to try and help with this study , there was 1/2 the pain through the 2nd dose and went 2 days pain free, but as I am writing this letter have had a session with this CH *&)(%*&&%)&)_*(&^^, , but that being said  apparently the best result are after 3 treatment 5 days apart =or- 2 days , so this week it is time for the last treatment in this series, wish me luck, hope I can help and will be in touch, thanks Bill

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Good luck Good luck good luck.

It doesn't always work in 3 dosis, my first time I only needed 1 and later I had to take 6 times the dosis. So it depends a little bit. But there are a lot of people here that can help you out how to dose, what to use and more.

But try to keep record of your attacks, medicine use, MM and all other thing you to to feel better by using the app I've made for us. You can download it for free and use it to create a timeline that gives you a good view on how you have been doing.

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Just look for register your journey in the app stores for iOS or Android. Please let me know what you think of it. Timeline isn´t perfect yet but hoping to find some help soon to get it better. But it does give already a nice view on attacks.


And its easy to use I think.

And if you need other buttons, just let me know and I´ll add them.

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Good luck.  If possible get yourself some O2 to handle initial breakthroughs and look at the list of "blocking" agents to be sure potential interference is minimized.  The list is a bit inclusive and strictly observational but worth reviewing.  The MM approach does work for classic cluster folks but can take several exposures to become effective.  Many report using lower doses does the trick so you don't necessarily have to dissociate.  

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