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jimmy's ready to say hi

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a new boy here and new to cluster headaches as well. I've recently been diagnosed with CH after nearly a year of agony 2 - 4 times a day, (what took 'em so long I ask myself).

I'm 61 years old and from what I've read it seems unusual to get this condition at my stage of life for the first time, and chronically as well. Anyway, I'm using O2 to abort attacks successfully but it tends to give me a dry tickly cough for some reason. Is O2 very dry from the cylinder? I've decided not to use Verapamil, if at all possible, and am going for natural alternative medication. I'm experimenting with RC seeds, initially 8, 12 and last Sunday 25 seeds. The last dose has definately done something; less pain, less often, so I'm going to try 35 seeds tomorrow. I'm grinding them to a flour in a small mortar and pestle, adding 15 ml white wine and soaking for 6 hours before consuming on an empty stomach. Is that ok?

I'm also growing some fungi but they won't be ready until Santa has been down the chimney and gone back to Lapland! :(

By some curious twist of fate, during the early 80's when I had a smallholding in the West Country in UK, I grew a variety of gourmet fungi as a side-line to sell to local restaurants. It wasn't a very successful business idea though, mainly because continuity of supply was a problem, so after a while I stopped growing them. But as a consequence, I'm no stranger to maintaining pure cultures and fruiting mycelia. It is strangely satisfying that I can now use those skills for another useful end purpose.

Thanks for sharing your stories and problems. I've learned a lot here in the last few weeks and it has given me hope. :)



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welcome Jimmy.

    There is no rhyme or reason to this condition.   Don't even try to figure it out.  Just thank God it didn't happen earlier in your life.

    May the fungi in your stocking do the trick... as it has for so many.   ;)


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Hello jimmy,

Your initial reaction to the RC seed treatment sounds promising. Now that your comfortable with the treatment, I think increasing the dose is a good decision.

On a lighter note. I think you may qualify as being one of our more senior farmers. 8-)

Good for you Sir, & welcome.


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