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i want to help my wife.


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I Stumbled upon this website today and kinda feel relief that people have had positive experiences. My wife suffers from cluster headaches mostly year round less frequent in winter, but ive noticed the onsets correlate with direct contact with sunlight, or hot days.

Where can i get information on starting, how to dose, what type of shroom to avoid getting too high but still very effective, ect.

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You need to read the files in the ClusterBuster files.

There are a few other options as well, if you read through the things there, you'll find that there are several things that can be used to successfully bust her cycle, other than shrooms. Like the D3 regimen,  Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, or RC seeds. But first you definitely want to read all of the files so you'll be sure that you're prepared.

Is your wife on any preventative medications? Or any abortives?

Welcome to the board!

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Okay, well the first thing is, does she have an accurate diagnosis? Has a doctor actually diagnosed her with CH? Because this is kind of key. What she has may or may not be clusters and you don't want to treat her for clusters specifically if it isn't. There are also a lot of bad things that present like cluster headaches, and need to be treated, but that busting isn't a good option for.

So it's very important that she actually have a diagnosis from her doctor of this, and all other causes are ruled out. If she does have a diagnosis, then I would suggest moving on to Bob's Big Pocket Guide To Cluster Headaches.

It has a lot of useful information and will help you out as a supporter and will help you learn all of the options for her care.

Good luck!

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As Pixie says, getting a diagnose first is absolute key. Depending on your access to a real specialist who really knows his stuff the best thing as with many other diseases is to be as good informed as possible to not get sent away with an unsatisfying answer. This is an obscure disease however with plenty good (and many of them harmless) options to ease the burden - if she has CH.

Please correct me if this is a bad advice but from my personal experience and many others reporting similar, a diet change can already show some improvement. In case you need to wait too long for an appointment you might consider giving this a try already and see what happens. There should be limited risk as you just avoid what isn't good for most "normal" people anyways when consumed constantly. 

Some weeks ago I have removed a lot of things from my diet and feel overall way better and only have a single, very mild attack each morning at 7am coming from 3-8 attacks per night (I am now working on getting rid of the remaining attack as well of course)

What I did:

- no sugar, no meat, no cow diary products, no wheat, no alcohol, no glutamate, very reduced coffee consumption, no food with high histamine or purine  levels.Smoking is very bad as well obviously, I can't stop though yet. Only eat self prepared food, so you know what's in it.

Most of these things raise your PH level and / or are high in purine. There is clear evidence that many if not all of us have an imbalanced PH level (constantly too acidic)

You will ask what's left to eat - there is plenty left actually to keep your calorie count positive and get all vital nutritions.

- Most vegetables (avoid histamine rich ones like tomatoes), also check if your wife has pollen allergies. Some veggies share the same allergen as certain pollen so there is a chance for a cross allergy. ( example = Arlen pollen allergic person may be allergic to potatoes and carrots as well). Being allergic does not necessarily mean you have to have clear symptoms like hey fever / itchy eyes etc !! 

- Butter and goat cheese

- Most berries (very rich in antioxidants), be careful with strawberries

- many fruits but be careful with some like bananas or citrus

- self baked bread, takes literally 5 minutes to prepare .Gluten free wheat, no yeast, baking powder, joghurt lactose free, some seeds, salt, water. Mix and bake for 40 minutes, done.

-Fish (only salt water like Pacific salmon)

- eggs are technically not great when it comes to purine but I seem to tolerate them

- all native / cold pressed oils are very good and many like coconut oil have great anti inflammatory effects and provide with omega 3 fats and good calories. Hemp oil, olive oil, coconut etc, do some reading maybe.

Now this is a pretty tough switch both from an organising perspective as well as a mental one (sugar withdrawal...) But it's doable. No cheating, or you can't assess if it helps. Took me a week or 2 until I saw the benefits but they are undeniable and I don't crave anything anymore.

To be clear, I don't think this is neither cause nor cure for CH but it may drastically help. I am convinced though there is a link, there is more and more clear scientific evidence showing up the recent years that your gut is actually the root cause triggering off many bad things that have originally been thought of originating somewhere else. Parkinson, Alzheimer's, MS, even depression and many forms of cancer you name it are tracked back to an damaged gut system.

Even if your Wife doesn't have CH, I recommend read up leaky gut syndrome or one of the pre stage causes namley Candida overgrowth. (Hello again sugary diet...)

Again, this maybe isn't a good idea to do without a doctor monitoring if there are other conditions like diabetes or else but you can sure assess this on your own.

I just type all of this because even if it's not CH, being more carefully on what we eat should only benefit us on many levels. (If not done too extreme of course :) 

Let us know what you think





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