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Inform me of every single new CH treatment development from the past year. NOW.

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Ha, OK maybe the info doesn't have to be condensed and dispensed before you finish your sip of coffee CHf, but immediately after!

Dang, here I am supposed to be apologizing, and this is all I can come up with :D. But putting aside my irritating and troll-like manner of query above for the moment, I would be interested in getting caught up on wassup.

So far I've seen:

1) there's a Jesus Shot 

2) One feller on Facebook is using CBD drops with success

3) Lotsa people continuing to receive good excellent advice here 



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I wish there was more new to report (and others may be more on top of this than me).

1. Batch, as I understand it, is now recommending relatively small daily doses of benadryl as part of the D3 regimen, to be increased to full recommended dosage during high pollen seasons.

2. Batch has recommended a new O2 strategy, which you can find by putting "red neck" into the search bar.  Someone here said it really worked well for him.  (One new frustrating thing is that this new message board doesn't handle internal links, so I/we can only tell people where to look things up, rather than linking to them.  Also, can't (or at least I can't figure out how to) attach things or post images. Otherwise I'd be posting Jeebs-as-Borat images to introduce you to the newer folks.  But I digress.)

3. dlnmerced put together advice for creating LSA from HBWR that many people seem to find helpful (over in the CB Files section; also posted at FB)

4. The group put together a nice list of "triggers" (not necessarily instantaneous) that had some surprising entries for me.

5. Moxie is apparently doing a lot better, and hasn't been heard from much.

6. Many seem to think that the clinical trials about monoclonal antibodies are quite promising, and, as you probably saw, there's a psilocybin trial going on at Yale.

7. A fellow said that putting his feet in the bathtub with very hot water helped reduce/abort his attacks; some others seem to have found that helpful, too, at least for temporary relief.

8. Another fellow said that drinking a combo of water, fresh lime, and baking soda helped him during attacks.  He hasn't reported back and I don't know whether others have also had positive experiences. My daughter enjoys it at least as a "break" during an attack, though she won't say for sure that it makes any difference.

9. A very helpful fellow has suggested that the only major CH med that blocks busting is probably triptans. Not verap, not steroids.  I don't know if anyone has tried busting while on steroids. 

10. In addition to the stalwarts, many very helpful newer folks have helped fill the unfillable Jeebs void. I would list them, but then I'd leave some out.  Most kind of come and go, but when they're here, it's great.

11. I don't know the status of DALT.  Maybe you do from FB.  I'd say that in reports here, there were as many disappointing trials of it as positive ones.  It's my vague understanding that it's hard to get now, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

12. There was something -- DMT, I think -- that someone significant (maybe Flash under a different screen name?) said was what he used, and it worked great.  I was interested, but the topic just kind of fizzled.

13. Registrate will be unhappy if I don't mention his app.  He's worked really hard to create it, get it right, and try to get it into use.

14. We pooled our funds to buy a tiny drone to track the whereabouts of disappeared but still beloved members. The basic drone itself was relatively inexpensive, but it was pricey to get the kind that turns into a giant corkscrew and flies up the butt of any said member who fails to respond to three or more PMs.  Well worth it, I believe.


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WooDAWGY, that was fantastically comprehensive - THANKS CHf!! :o

My initial reactions to some of the numbered entries above:

2) I've saved the new O2 guidelines for critical reference, sorry to learn links aren't working. I'm testing a link to the O2 info here and expecting failure.

5) Super glad to hear Moxie is doing better!!

7) I recall seeing discussion of putting hands or feet into hot water as a treatment long ago, probably among migraineurs. It included one gal who would try to take her mind off the attack by doing some dishes, only to discover having her hands immersed in hot water would relieve her attack. The theory at that time was it worked because it drained some blood outa yer head.

13) I'm gonna check out Regisrate's app!

14) haven't been able to get to this one yet, distracted by a sudden giant corkscrew-like pain, but it's not localized anywhere near the eye this time.




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You'll have to show me how you did that link, rendering silly my many months of whining and complaining -- but don't show my right now, because I'm busy watching the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix.

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Hey Bob! Thanks for the kindness, and for tolerating the faux trolling. :rolleyes:

And CHf, that freekin does it, we're just going to have to "splurge" for Netflix here, because everyone and their dog has been going on and on about this Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I fear some seriously funny stuff is being missed out on.

I think for my next experiment, maybe pushing my luck this time, I'll see if I can attach files and insert them (they'll be screenshots of my link adding escapade above, for inspection and discussion).

If it doesn't work, I'll come back for a strictly text description of my link adding process.

Link button.pngLink dialog.png

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OK, so if those screenshots are showing up for ya, I clicked the "Link" button pointed to with the red arrow, then in the resulting pop up, text I had selected from my message (in this case the word "here"), was automatically inserted into the Link text box, and I pasted the URL I had copied from the hyperventilation redneck bag page into the URL box.

For all I know you may have tried this same approach, but you have some browser non-cooperation going on or some such......

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Thanks for the guidance, Jeebs.  I was just copying and pasting the links; never noticed the link thingie.

MST3k is good.  Of course, if you're jonesin' for some and you don't want to splurge on Netflix. there are tons of full-length older episodes on youtube, if you can tolerate non-HD.   (Heck yes, I'm old but I'm hip. I can say "jonesin' " with authority.)

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Spiny no no NOOOooOOO NOT THE BOMBA SHACK WITHOUT ME, aughhhhhhhhh!! :o:o:o Oh Lordy I bet the Fusterclucks performed and everything. :blink: :lol:

And CHf they don't call you CH "hipster" father for nuthin'. Sorry to say I don't know if I can tolerate non-HD. Spoiled to the core.

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