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Cluster Headache Followed by Migraine?


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Yesterday afternoon around 3:30 I started to get a cluster headache. I've been running low on Zomig nasal sprays and my insurance is refusing to cover them so I opted for chugging a Red Bull. This has worked from time to time. Anyways, the pain began to increase and after about an hour and a half I threw up several times from the pain. Another half hour went by and the cluster headache subsided and I was able to lie down instead of my usual pacing around the house/rocking back and forth/kicking the mattress. However, The pain behind my eye turned into a different kind of pain, different from the shadows, almost like what I assume to be like a migraine. I could barely stand up without feeling really nauseous and my face was super pale and I couldn't stop shaking. My boyfriend was really concerned and we went to urgent care where they gave me some anti-nausea medication and sent me home. This lasted for 4 hours. I have never had this happen before, where a cluster headache shapeshifts into a migraine like headache. It was awful. Has anyone else ever had this happen? 

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