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Oxygen stopped to work

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Hi,  I use O2 to abort CH, but lately, past 6 month , it stopped to work like it used to.

It aborts the pain in 1-2min while breathing it , but as soon as I stop the pain is back in about 5min,

I 've been around the forum ,so I use a proper technique,CH mask,,,,the same supplier,,40LPM ,reducing to 15 LPM, hyperventilation at the beginning and so on ,

Any ideas , suggestion?thanks

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Hey John,

Oxygen therapy is just an abortive... not a preventative... That said you should get at least an hour or more relief after an abort with oxygen therapy...  Try hyperventilating with room air for 30 seconds breathing at forced vital capacity tidal volumes, i.e., exhaling with an abdominal crunch at the end of each exhale cycle until your exhaled breath makes a wheezing sound then inhale rapidly and fully then repeat ten times (~30 seconds), then inhale a lungful of 100% oxygen and hold it for 30 seconds.  Repeat this entire sequence until the CH pain is completely gone.

If you want a lasting pain free existence, you need to start the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus Omega-3 fish Oil and the vitamin D3 cofactors.  You can download the latest version of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol at the following link.

Be sure to share a copy with your PCP or neurologist.   That way you're both singing from the same sheet music when you ask for the suggested lab test of your serum 25(OH)D, total calcium and PTH (Parethyroid Hormone).


You can also scan the following QR code with your smart phone and it will download a pdf copy of the treatment protocol to your phone as a ready reference.  If you don't have the QR Code Reader App, it's free and It takes less than 10 seconds to download and install.  


Take care and please keep us posted.


V/R, Batch

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thnaks,,,for me O2 used to work as abortive as well.  When i stopped breathing O2,,,the CH was gone for the day...Now ,it still kills the pain ,,,but the CH comes back on.

Vit d reg, is little problematic for me,as it seams that i have certain sensitivity to some fillers or coloring,, not sure,,,finding the proper vitamins is way too difficult, as I have many,many food triggers as well, that change over time as well.  Vit D reg. is becoming almost impossible to implement for me. I started 2 times already in the past,but I had to stop due to increasing number of attacks. 

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Hey John!

You really should try the method that Batch suggested above. Starting it as soon as the hit begins with room air is great for me. Another thing that works well is to quickly down an energy shot or drink. I use coffee, just keep some in the fridge if you don't have a pot going all day.

Are you staying on the O2 for about 5 minutes after the pain is gone? You dial the flow back and breath normally for about 5 minutes after the pain is gone helps prevent that immediate return of a CH.

Sorry to read about your allergies/problems with the D3. The filler that I have learned to avoid is gluten - wheat! I have become sensitive or allergic to it in the past few years. You can read the label to see if it contains wheat and pick another brand. Gel caps do not contain wheat in my experience.

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Hey John,

Sorry you're having problems with the anti-inflammatory regimen.  Roughly 1% of CHers experience an increase in the frequency of their CH after starting this regimen.  Why this happens is still unknown, but I suspect it involves two possible mechanisms of action.  The first is an obvious reaction to one or more of the supplements.  The second is an imbalance in the enzymes and/or nutrients needed to hydroxylate vitamin D3 (adds an [OH-] radical at the 25th position on the vitamin D3 molecule) to form 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3, a.k.a., 25(OH)D3 and a second enzyme that hydroxylates 25(OH)D3 at the first position to form 1,25(OH)2D3 the genetically active vitamin D3 metabolite. 

If these enzymes are not being produced at the cellular level where vitamin D3 does its magic through genetic expression, we don't get a CH preventative effect.  Even worse, a third enzyme may be generating 24,25(OH)2D3 which is genetically inactive and this consumes available 25(OH)D so it can't be hydroxylated to 1,25(OH)2D3.  The nutrients needed to support these enzymatic processes are magnesium, zinc and boron.

What has worked for the few CHers with this problem who wanted to continue with this regimen is to use the process of elimination to fined the offending supplement.  I'd suggest stop taking the entire regimen for at least a day then restart at one supplement at a time on a 24 hour interval to find the culprit responsible for the spike in CH frequency.  95% of CHers have a low vitamin D3 status, i.e., a 25(OH)D serum concentration < 46 ng/mL and 80% of CHers have a 25(OH)D serum concentration < 30 ng/mL so this would suggest adding vitamin D3 back first.  However, CHers also tend to be deficient in magnesium so this would suggest adding magnesium back first.  What is important here is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and to maintain an accurate headache log.

The supplements you're presently taking may contain irritants/triggers.  Accordingly, I suggest the supplements shown in the following photo as they carry the USP logo indicating they've been tested by an independent lab for purity and strength.  I've taken the supplements shown below for over 5 years.


I'd suggest starting with the magnesium followed 24 hours later by the Matrure Multi as this will cover the nutrients needed to support the enzymatic processes. I would follow 24 hours later with 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 followed 24 hours later with 10,000 IU of vitamin D3.  If you get that far without a spike in CH frequency, you're almost home... Moreover, you've got the basics needed to prevent your CH.  Next, I'd add the Omega-3 Fish Oil then the Super K.  Again, be sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day...

Obviously, if you have a reaction (spike in CH frequency) to any one of the supplements, don't take it and move on to the next supplement.

Take care and please keep me posted with your problems an/or questions.  That's the only way I can help.

V/R, Batch

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