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Hi All ,, been some time now ,, mostly looking at posts on facebook,, I see some of you here over there.  We are getting ready to go to Alaska next week and my son is having his cluster phase,, im hoping we will be mostly done by the time we leave as we are not taking any O's or abortives ,, i know that sounds crazy to some here but he knows how to deal with them without anything at times ..  its been recommended that i grab some 5 hour energies for him to take along,, any other suggestions ? thanks 

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I would contact the Company and ask about taking his O2 with you. Or them providing it for the trip. As long as he has a script, O2 is provided world wide for travelers. You can have it waiting for you at an airport!

I definitely would take the Energy Shots.

Have fun.

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This may sound off the wall, but pick up some Nature's Bounty 5,000 IU vitamin D3 softgels, some Nature Made 400 mg magnesium softgels and a bottle of Children's liquid Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL) allergy medicine.  Rationale...  If your son has CH, he is very likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency is contributing to the frequency, severity and duration of his CH.

You can download the latest version of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol at the following link.  Be sure to share a copy with your son's PCP or neurologist if time permits.  That way you’re all singing from the same sheet music.  I posted this treatment protocol on 21 January, 2017.  As of the 14th of July, 2270 copies have been downloaded.


The anti-inflammatory regimen CH preventative treatment protocol will explain the need for vitamin D3, magnesium and the Diphenhydrmine (Benadryl) in detail.

You can also scan the following QR code with a smart phone QR code reader and it will download the same pdf treatment protocol to your smart phone for reference.  The QR code reader app is free to download and use.  It takes less than a minute to download and install.


I fish Pelican, AK twice a year for a total of a month and another week at Ketchikan for the family salmon derby.  As a chronic CHer, I always take the anti-inflammatory regimen supplements and Benadry (Diphenhydramine) as even in Alaska, there are different types of pollen that can trigger a CH. 


I never let a CH even get close to spoiling good fishing...


I'd start your son on the anti-inflammatory regimen as soon as possible before the flight as even the flight to AK can trigger CH.  This regimen is so healthy for us I have my entire family taking it and I'm the only one with CH.  That includes my seven grand kids...  The young ones get 50 IU of vitamin D3 per pound of body weight per day... The two over 17 get the full 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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What the earlier photo of my fillet of the King salmon didn't show is what I do next.  I take a tablespoon and scrape the meat from above and below the backbone on both sides.  As you can see, when I'm done, there's very little meat left...  "Spooning" the 40 lb King shown in this photo yielded nearly two pounds of very delightful sashimi and California roll makings...  as did the fresh salmon roe...  The tips, tail and belly meat were already in a brine when I took this photo.  They went in the smoker a little over two hours later...  Virtually nothing goes to waste with salmon the way we do it...


What was left of the salmon in this photo went into a shrimp pot we dropped to 450 feet in Stag Bay, 25 minutes from the house in Pelican...  Two days later we pulled the shrimp pot and this was the result.


A half 5-Gal pail of 4-Spot Shrimp ~ 10 lbs of tails...  And I took the anti-inflammatory regimen with ~ 15,000 IU of vitamin D3 every night...  That made the entire 24-day fishing trip to Pelican, CH pain free. 

Four of us ate a third of the 4-Spot Shrimp along with some nice Lamb Loin Chops later that evening.  It all went down great with frosty mugs of Alaskan Amber...  I prepared a shrimp, mushroom and cheese omelet for breakfast the next morning...  That still left enough shrimp to top our salads the next night to go with the grilled King salmon.


Oh yes...  That wasn't a sole...  It was actually a 45 lb halibut...


You can see why I can't wait to get back up to Pelican, AK...  I'll make another trip towards the end of August for the Silver/Coho Salmon run... then we pull the boat out of the water, scrub the hull, service the outboards and winterize the house before flying back to Bremeton, WA.  I'll spend the last half of September through late May of 2018 preparing for the next fishing trip to Pelican...

Take care,

V/R, Batch

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Thanks all ,,, Since were going to alaska i know the consumption of fish will be HUGE !!   good to see you again batch ,, ive been away for quite a while, i will pack the vitamins.   He doenst want to go the O's route so we'll have to make due ,, i feel he is very close to the end of cycle he had a minor one the other morning.  will pack away some 5 hour energy ,, also i bought some GU ,, not sure if your all familiar,, its like frosting with Caffine ,, I used it quite a bit on Mountaineering and backpacking trips .. 



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