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preventative vs. abortive


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Hey, everything I keep studying here and also from old CH.com archives says busting far more effective as a preventative.

Is that true? I have yet to experience it. I feel it would be far more effective dosing every 3 months instead of every week. Is it possible that 7 days is not enough time for receptors to clear?

I've just been trying to bust a cycle now for a while and after reading stories of successful busts after MAYBE 2 doses of only 1-2gram, level 2 experience, it just gets me discouraged wondering if this is even working for me.

Who here has been able to keep the beast at bay with shrooms maintenance dosing? How long have they been at bay?



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I keep them away by dosing every couple of months or as needed. If you are in cycle, the bust might take longer. It took me almost 8 weeks to bust my cycle. I also found that taking a higher dose worked better for me. I take about 3 grams per dose and it knocks them out pretty well. Some cycles try to hang on for a few days but, quickly fade.

Hope it helps


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