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Clusters better under control, now I'm getting migraines. Anyone else?


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Hello fellow Clusterheads!

This community has been super helpful in helping me to discover ways to better manage my chronic cluster headaches. Thank you!

I've been in a great place with my cluster headaches now for a little over a month- which is huge for me. But, I am noticing I am starting to get more frequent migraines. I do have both, but I really haven't had migraines in years. Has anyone else noticed that a period of decreased/diminished clusters can increase migraine?


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During the "pre-cluster headache era" oh so many years ago, I would get 2-3 bad migraines a year. I know......not many...and I was thankful. Now.....in cycle or not, I've not had but a couple midlevel migraines since clusters appeared in the late '90s. Why? Damifino.


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