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What a great conference

Fast Eddie

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I don't guess I will ever be able to attend one of these conferences without crying "tears of joy".  Just to meet other clusterheads and add them to my extended family is wonderfull to say the least.

After being chronic for the last 5-1/2 years with up to 16 hits a day, what a pleasure it was to tell all of you there my success story. I hope some of you can tell yours next year. Clusterbusters saved my life and I thank God for my new family.  I am still pain free; Geneva and I have been given our lives back, and now I am doing lots of volunteer work such as building wheel chair ramps and meals on wheels and loving every minute of it.

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Hey Eddie,

So good to see you here and it was great meeting you and hearing your inspiring story at the conference!!  Believe me my friend, I shared some of those "tears of joy" with you as you gave your testimony!!  Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago if not at a meet n greet before then!!

Dallas Denny

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Hey Eddie,

It's great to see you here on this board!  And even better to hear how well you are doing!! 

I still remember how you related to Dr. Lazarus' presentation in Atlanta a couple of years ago.  I think we were all genuinely concerned for your well being.  Isn't it a different experience attending one of these conferences when you are not in such pain?



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Hi Eddie,

I want to publicly thank you for reaching out to my son, Michael. We're both so happy that you were able to bust what must have been - nice to be able to talk about it in the past tense, huh? - an absolutely awful chronic. I hope Michael will be able to follow your lead.

It sounds like there's a growing interest in hearing your success story on these boards. Maybe we'll all be able to read it soon.


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You have an incredible story to tell and you are an inspiration to all of us.  If you can also tell us about what happened in Portland, if you are comfortable telling us.  Hint, hint, the angel from Portland that dropped something in your lap, so to speak.  :-)


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Wow.  I can't help but tear up everytime I read these threads; what a wonderfull family a great bunch of supporters you all are. I will try to put my story on paper and post it in a few days; if I can give just one of you hope that there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel it will be worth it

There are three verses in the bible that keep me going:

(Jeremiah 29:11)

(James 1:17)

(Phillippians 4:13)

You may or may not be religous, so if you want to read them look them up, if not forget it (unless you keep your bible on the top shelf and broke an arm or leg climbing up that high).

I hope I don't offend anyone mentioning these, but I personally can't give my story without them, so if ya don't like it don't read it when I post it, just go to another thread.

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There are three verses in the bible that keep me going:

Great verses! I'm so believing that somethings gonna happen with me soon as far as "busting".

I have been following this thread, and I'm SOOOOO looking forward to hearing your story. I'll be checking the forum every 5 minutes until you post it. lol k maybe not that frequently.

I find such strength here with fellow sufferers.


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I am slowly putting it down on paper. I had church today and a list of "honey do's" this afternoon.

I am also writing a poem and I will share it when it is finished. It is called "A Stranger Helped Me Today".  You can guess what it is about!

I didn't know I could write them untill Christmas two years ago.  I was having lots of hits so I decided to make my two daughters and my wife a Jewlery box and my grandkids a box for trinkets "just in case something were to happen to me". I wrote each a poem. I called the Grandkid's one "Papa's Little Box" and the daughter's "A Little Box Of Memories". Geneva's is very personal so I won't share it, but here are the other two:

Papa's Little Box

By Eddie Langford

Your Papa made this little box

For you to keep inside

Some little things you treasure

Some little things you hide

It may just be a trinket

As simple as can be

But to you it has more meaning

Than what other people see

I made it out of wood and glue

And a tiny bit of varnish

But I also added lots of love

That will never ever tarnish

So when you open up your box

And look real deep inside

Be sure to look for Papa's love

I put it in with pride


My Little Box of Memories

By Eddie Langford

My little box of memories

Is special just to me

It contains some times, my mind can see

As clearly as can be

It has love and joy and laughter

Like it happened yesterday

The simple things, that good times bring

Like bouncing on daddyÂ’s knee


It also has a tear or two

A pain that came to stay

Like memories of my loved ones

In heavenÂ’s arms today

Some things are not on paper

So no one else can find

But when I open up my box

I can see them in my mind


The good, the bad, the fun, the sad

Will fit real neat inside

No matter how or when or where

From myself I can not hide

It contains a little bible

That my mom put in for me

She prayed that God would guide me

Throughout eternity

IÂ’ll add tiny strips of paper notes

And a picture now and then

To remind me sometimes who I am

And where in life IÂ’ve been


My most important treasures

Only God and I can see

Are in my little box of memories

My daddy made for me

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sniff, sniff... :'(

Damn Eddie, from another father of two girls (ages 25 & 28), you've got me in tears.  That is so special, your girls must be proud!  (I don't have any grand-kids yet, but can't wait till I do.)

Thanks for sharing that.

Bob Bowling

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Dearest, kindest, warmest Eddy,

We (my husband, Mick & I) have shared our memory of your story soooo many times since we have returned home from the conference.  We are filled with wonderful emotions both sad and ultimate happiness.  This is one speech I wish I would have video taped but my darn arm got so tired, I quit taping!!! 

What I think is so meaningful to me is your love of God never diminished throughout the painful days and nights of the chronic years.  That you openly shared with your clergyman the choices that you were facing and together with your family and your faith you moved forward with a treatment that may not be legal in man's eyes but discovered who's eyes are the most important in the end.

That's a very loving thing to do!



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