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Hi great friends,  just got over episodic cluster and had for 3-4 months.  Had not had them for 10 years but had for previous 30 years. It has been about 30 days of no clusters but having shadows for the past like 3 weeks a few times a day and getting scared for rebound.  I have never ever had shadows before.  2 rounds of predizone and a bit of Imatrex tabs did the trick for me in knocking them out this past time.   I am on 360 ver and 25K vit D program so far.  Vit D level 6 months ago was 53.  Any suggestions?  I have not gone to Oxygen before and going to get set up just in case.  Never had a rebound cluster bout before as once I had them knocked out they were useally gone for a year or two.  Thanks.   Kinda low Verap as blood pressure is really low with this amount.  


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Hey Tim,

You need the rest of the anti-inflammatory regimen supplements that go along with vitamin D3.  The following photo illustrates what I've been taking for more than 4 years and they work just fine for me in preventing my CH. 


The vitamin D3 cofactors: magnesium, zinc, boron, vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B complex and vitamin K2 complex are all very important in metabolizing vitamin D3 to gain the optimum CH preventative capacity.  Omega-3 fish oil is another important anti-inflammatory that helps prevent CH.  If you take the above supplements by brand you'll be getting what is shown in the following table/


Try to see your PCP for the 25(OH)D lab test.  It will help let us know if you've elevated your serum 25(OH)D up to a therapeutic level around 80 ng/mL for most CHers.  That usually requires 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3.  Accordingly, at some point, you may need to taper your vitamin D3 back down a bit.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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On 8/20/2017 at 0:40 PM, TKUMMER said:

So a regular vitamin B complex will work? 

TK', For a question like that one, you might be best off to PM Batch directly.  He'll have the answer for you fast, while I think many of us hesitate to offer answers to those specific types of D3 questions.

Glad to hear you are going to get oxygen soon!  That helps a lot of people with shadows, too.  Have you tried ginger for the shadows?  Here's what it says over in the CB Files about ginger:

>>>A teaspoon of ginger simmered in a cup of water, sweetened to taste, is a pleasant way to hold off the shadows for a couple of hours. Ginger doesnÂ’t dissolve well, so simmer the powder or finely chopped ginger root for a while, and keep stirring while you drink.

In hot weather, a very strong ginger ale or ginger beer can do the trick enjoyably. Look in health food stores or delis for brands such as ReedÂ’s Extra Ginger Brew, Ginger PeopleÂ’s Ginger Beer, Natural Brew Outrageous Ginger Ale or Blenheim 1903 Hot Ginger Ale. The usual ginger ale used for mixers, such as Schwepps or Canada Dry, is not strong enough.

A company called The Ginger People makes strong ginger candy in several varieties (www.gingerpeople.com).<<<

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