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Craziest Place ever had an attack

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I know this may seem odd. But we have to laugh once in awhile at our cards we are dealt.

I have had an attack pretty much everywhere cluster heads have had one....work, home, sex, in public at store....

But I have had some attacks in crazy places in my life, and thought what the heck....share.I cant wait to hear your replies.


Ill start.....

#1 Jay Lenos Garage

#2 inside Johnny Cash's Last Limousine

#3 Every concert I ever been too, standing 2 ft from Axel Rose and he looked at me like WTF.... 

#4 recovery room from brain surgery


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Well I know I remember my first one... riding down the road standing in the bed of a roofing truck in 1979, it was not an odd place but boy do I remember it..

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Oh, good topic.

I've found that, most of the time, the worry of having an attack somewhere produces enough stress to fend off an attack. But when I get home, when I can let my guard down and relax, that's when I get hammered. So although I've had attacks at friend's houses or at work, they've never been really horrific ones.

But while driving, that's another matter. I can't count the number of times I've pulled over into a layby to wait out an attack. 

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