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Has anyone else had problems trying to paste anything to a post? When I try, be it text I've written in another app or even a link to another post, I get a 403 error, and it won't let me do it. Only if I type everything out in the post will it let me submit it.


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Hey MoxieGirl,

Howzit in jolly old England?  Howz the head? Long time no hear...  Try pasting your link then replace the "." with the word "dot" with the explanation to readers to copy the link, replace the word "dot" with a period then place in their browser. For example,  http://isdotgd/clustervitd

Copy this link then replace the word "dot" between "is" and "gd" with a period then past in your browser.

You may also see a black banner come up when you paste a link with "Remove the Link" and a button to do so.  Readers will still need to paste the link in their browser,

Take care,

V/R, Batch


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Hello Batch, you wonderful wonderful man.

I hope you are well. Clusters have been OK this year, migraines off the charts. Has been the worst year ever, in many ways (but that's for another post I think. Maybe off topic).

Thanks for the tip.

Even if I try to paste raw text, no links, I get the error. Will try more things this weekend.

Hugs Spiny.


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(I'm pasting my reply from the issue report form)


I haven't used this reporting forum before.  (hope I'm doing this right, ha ha)..

Someone reported something similar a while back.  It ended up being a special character being pasted in.  Some special characters are hidden (like VBCRLF in code is a carriage return and line feed).  I'd bet there's something hidden (html most likely) in what you're trying to paste.  Also could be formatting, that isn't compatible with the forum input box.


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