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CH Treatment Center in Mexico


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Mushrooms are legal in Mexico. (As are all drugs, for personal use.)

Would there be am interest in a low cost treatment center here, with people who are familiar with cluster headaches, understand titrating off of prescription meds and have O2 (as well as all prescription/emergency meds) available?

The location is on Lake Chapala, MexicoÂ’s largest lake, 20 minutes from Guadalajara International Airport, which National Geographic claims has the best year-round climate in the world. It is about a 2.5 hour flight from Houston.

With regard to emergency meds, Mexico does not have nasal or injectible sumatriptan, but does have Imigran (same as Imitrex) and has generic 100 mg sumatriptan for about $5 USD per pill. They do allow you to bring your own Imitrex injections – and up to 30 days worth of other necessary meds, with you as well.

Most meds do not require a prescription and if they do, you pay $3 extra for the pharmacist to write you the prescription.

If there is an interest, a good supply of quality mushrooms is available as well as an incredibly beautiful mansion for guests.

Marijuana grows everywhere for those who use it for other ailments and you can pick it by the side of the road or pay for amazingly high quality buds (about $150 USD per kilo, but that is an illegal quantity and would not be allowed at the facility.) Joints of very high quality sensemilla (from the Spanish "sin semilla" which means "without seeds") are about 25 cents and available everywhere.

For those who are not totally disabled, some of the greatest large mouth bass fishing in the world is available on some of the smaller lakes and reservoirs and the sailfish capitol of the world in is Manzanillo – a 3.5 hour drive – where some friends have luxury houses they let us use when we go fishing on another friend’s 40’ deep sea boat. Marlin, Sails, Yellow-fin, Blue Tuna, Dorado, Spanish mackerel and more…

If there is a belief that this would be a good idea or an interest in moving forward with the concept -- I would welcome all feedback and suggestions.

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When living in San Diego without health insurance I used to pop over the border in Tijuana to get much cheaper imitrex injections without prescription (Imigran, it's the same exact thing).

Anyway, the treatment center you describe sounds WAY better than that!!  :o

I didn't realize mushrooms are legal there - are they commercially available for purchase? Not that anyone would want to try to cross back over the border to the US with them in their possession - but I suppose a crazy plan for the very desperate could be to ingest some right before crossing back over the border, and have a designated driver take you home?

Back to your concept - it sounds kind of like cluster heaven -  low cost, a beautiful mansion, mushrooms, O2, all the CH drugs. There will naturally be some skepticism, as in "is this too good to be true?" from  some of us, but I'm sure there will be interest, and I for one hope it isn't too good to be true.

Would love to hear more background on you and the treatment center concept.

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Yes, Mexico recently changed the legal status on mushrooms and others.

Xeno, are the "legal" or decriminalized? I seem to remember 6 grams of dried mushrooms being ok to possess. Is that correct?

Xeno has been very invloved in Clusterbusters from the beginning and is usually the big hit at conferences he attends LOL.

Not sure if he is serious or just looing for a date, or both?? LOL


Also thinking that details might be best discussed in IM  ;)

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Not sure if he is serious or just looing for a date, or both?? LOL

Knowing Xeno as I do, I don't think he is looking for a date -- more like pimping the senoritas. LOL

I talked to him yesterday on the phone, and he mentioned this idea to me then.  So I would say that yes, he is serious.  One thing you can't accuse the man of is thinking small.  ;)

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Great idea. Incredible areas.

Not just for clusterheads as we now know other headaches are helped in the same way.

I think many would sign on for pain abatement, stress relief and pleasure.

The biggest problem may be getting them to go home.  8-)

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