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RC seeds, 3 days extraction


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Greetings People.

I suffer from chronic CH's. I get 4-6 hits a day all around the K4-5 mark at it's lowest going up to K7-9 when the cycle reaches its peak. I'm desperate to try and break the cycle and send the beast on a holiday even if it's for a few days!

I'm really interested in giving the RC seeds a whirl. I've found out where to get them, but what the hell do I do with them once I've got them?  How many seeds is a good starting point?

At the moment all I've found are things that pokes the beast and makes it worse.

Any suggestions/recipes will be gratefully accepted.


Captain Chaos.

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Depending on tolerance 25 to 30 seeds is a good start. You must be completely clean of all prescription meds i.e. imitrex, verapamil, steroids etc, for at least 5 days before staring the bust. you grind up the seed using either a pestle and mortar or pepper mill (there are other methods) just don't use anything that creates heat, it is bad for the LSA. You grind the seeds into as fine a powder as you can then soak in 4oz of liquid for at least two hours in the fridge stirring occasionally, some people use water and lemon juice, water and white wine, orange juice etc. I always add a little warm water before drinking to warm it up a bit (stomach accepts warm things better). After soaking drink up, some people strain the sludge out while other drink it all and even add a little water to the remains in the glass and drink that. Be prepared for post dose hits, have plenty of 02 and energy drinks on hand. Also read "RC seeds my story" by agent Orange, as well as "my experiment begins" by yours truly. These will show you increases in dose amounts, frequency of dosing etc. Good luck,


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