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When do you know your cluster cycle is over?


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...when episodic....6-8 wks on/off (23 yrs)...I knew cycle was over when I got a MASSIVE hit after a tapering off of multiple daily hits....a bell curve

of remarkable consistency. I CRAVED that gut wrenching hit....being willing to bear what I  knew was the "end".....

Best wishes....tis a journey...the way is long and tortuous.... but the light at the end is there.... AND....when you get there...and you will...indescribable



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Episodic over 25 years now and the majority of my cycles did not end any way special. 

For me it took a while to grasp it but I know when my cycle ends because it is like a fog has been lifted. Unscientific I know but I just feel “normal” again. 

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This is my  3 third cycle and i had CH free periods of 6 years, i have the same experience as Jon019, the last one is a Massive hit and  and after that the headache remains but not as in a attack, i think they call it shadows here, and the skin on my head on the right side is very sensitive during a cycle, when this sensation is gone the cycle has ended. 

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On 12/15/2017 at 10:55 AM, mit12 said:

Before busting I was 3 to 5 days a week and I knew that I had a couple days relief comming after a monster hit, one that is all you can handle plus a little bit more. 

My last cycle was like that, one massive hit and I was done. I thought I got my massive hit last week but nope, trying to bust now with Psilocybin.

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