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Try RC & Hawiian Baby Wood


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Hi Suffers & Caretakers;

My husband's Neurologist attended the conference; came home and told him to start declining ALL prescribed medications - Verapermill, Lithium, Migranail, Liodcane; & pain meds - basically he said "there is nothing I can do for you" you need to get some L.... D. His doctor NOW has a clue! Thank YOU everyone who put the conference together - perhaps we can make the next one.

I'm on a quest for RC Seeds & Hawiian Baby Wood. I can not find anyone who'll ship to the US. I am only seven hours from Canada - but before I make this journey - I would like him to try these before I go and get 1000+ seeds.

SOS - would anyone consider sending 10 of 1 or both for him to test drive? If it works well, I will gladly drive there-ship to my hotel room and come home. Any costs incurred I will gladly reimbursed.

With this, directions of what to do with them.. make a tea, grind, etc....

I will also be as generous as possible to CB.com with donations. This is a little tougher. His disability is in appeal review and the stress of waiting for a decision is almost as bad the CH its self!

Any direction is greatly appreciate.

My heart and love goes out to you a suffer and you the caretaker. Vernon wants more than anything to be able to go work. His entire life has been turned upside down - and as a woman, can not imagine what a 'man' is going through.

My sincerest,

Mrs Robinson

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