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Cluster HA's and Lyme's disease

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site, and I'm wondering if many or any cluster headache suffers have also been told or been exposed to Lyme's disease? My husband had cluster ha's before getting Lyme's, but where in the past he would have the clusters, then they would stop for a time, he now has residual pain that never leaves. He struggles with sleep every night, cannot look at a computer screen or television, or bright lights. He no longer drives at night. He just started the D3 infusion yesterday, so we are holding out for relief from that. I am wondering if there is a Lyme's component there too. Not that cluster's aren't enough.


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Hi farm4all!

Some people start out with short cycles 2 to 4 weeks. Over time, this cycle gets longer, but still leaves completely for several months. Others wind up with headaches every day or week or whatever 'their' schedule is. Sometimes they are 10's and then for a period may be 7's or 5's if that makes sense.

What is your husband taking for his CH at this time? Has he had a scan to check for other issues in his head? A scan is always advisable to rule out other stuff. Does he see a Neuro? I would want the 'constant pain' checked out. Especially with the Lyme component.

I know of no connection between CH and Lyme. but I don't know everything by a long shot! ;) 

The D3 Regimen is great for many of us! Is that what you are referring to? It may take two weeks to see a real reduction in pain.


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