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House Mushroom Episode


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No accrate cluster headache info other than a quick Dx of cluster headaches and treating with mushrooms. It was funny though. the kid took the mushrooms in the hospital under supervision. so they showed the view from the kids eyes, distored colors and some laughter.  the kid with the headaches also had alot of other medical issues and that was the main focus. But the muchrooms worked.

I just like that CHs are mentioned in the media, you dont hear much about them in general, especialy treating with shrooms.

It was worth watching.

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Look also for Dr House episode when he treats his migraines with LSD


That episode came in the previous season, 2006 I think.  Drs. Sewell and Halpern had just gotten their article published in Neurology magazine. 

I was sitting at home watching House the night it first aired.  I'll never forget the line House used when Chase found him in the men's room and looked in his eyes.  Chase said something to the effect of, "House are you tripping?"  To which House replied, "Well I thought everyone knew that LSD would stop a migraine in its tracks."  I spewed iced tea all over myself!  ;D  You have to realize that this research was very new then.

I immediately called Dr. Sewell and asked if he had seen it.  He said no, so I went online and found a transcript of the show and sent it to him.  A couple of weeks later, Dr. Sewell forwarded an email to me from one of the writers of the show.  It basically said that they had wanted House to trip on the show, and were trying to figure out a story line when they ran across the Clusterbusters (Sewell's and Halpern's paper) research online, and decided to incorporate it into the episode.

So that's the story behind the story!  Pretty cool, huh?  :)


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Very cool, Thanks for the story behind the story. When I first heard that cluster headaches were talked about  on a tv show, I googled it, then the house marathon aired, its on about 20 times a week, so for the last month I have had to scan the tv guide trying to find the episode. I was hoping for more thechincal factual stuff, but it was still interesting and entertaining.

LOL, now that I know there is an LSD episode, im going to be stuck trying to find that one.

Thanks Bob


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I watched the National Geographic Explorer episode "Inside LSD" last night. I've seen it before but, for those of you that hadn't, you can probably get it on-line. It also has a great interview with Dr. Halpern. It goes further in depth about clusters and the work that's being done to stop them. I'm still amazed at Bromo and the outstanding results it produces. One day it will be as simple as a trip to the doctor for a headcold. :)


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Along the same lines as natgeo explorer. I watched natgeo Taboo which covered an Amazon peoples religion in which their sacrament is Dimay. Not sure how to spell it but it showed these people of all ages...little girls to old men tripping on this. Seemed like a pleasant experience for all. Dr. Halpern was also interviewed on this show!!!

He had studied the effects on these people and verified that in his opinion there were no bad, or long lasting side effects. Very Damn Interesting. I recorded it together with the LSD show. Anyone know anything about this drug? IT IS LEGAL in the US for people of the Iowaska  or Santo Dimay religion. I think that perhaps I want to change my religion :o

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I saw the episode and did not think it was an accurate depiction of cluster headaches... and the patient was a real jerk.  Here is a recap of the show: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/250497/house_episode_recap_the_jerk_51507.html

I found lots of links stating they stream or offer that episode for download... ("The Jerk" Season 3, Episode 23, 05-15-07) by searching "watch house the jerk"

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I saw the episode and did not think it was an accurate depiction of cluster headaches... and the patient was a real jerk.Here is a recap of the show: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/250497/house_episode_recap_the_jerk_515...

Xeno, that is a different episode than the one described above, which was titled, "Distractions" and aired the season before "The Jerk."  But I agree with you about the inaccurate depiction of CH in that show.

Quote from "Distractions" episode:

Cuddy: "Hey, did you drop acid?"

House: "Why would I do that?"

Cuddy: "To annoy me, or maybe because you're miserable, or... because you... want to self-destruct. Pick one."

House: "How about because LSD acts on serotonin receptors in the brain which can stop a migraine in its tracks? I'm just saying that's also a possibility.


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