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Moving to USA

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Hello everybody,

I am about to take an important choice of probably moving to the US.

Could anyone please explain me how the providing of oxygen works? (UTAH, Minnesota and generally).

Thanks a lot :)


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Good question.  You'll need a prescription for medical oxygen as an abortive for cluster headache here in the US.  If you already have an Rx for home oxygen from a physician in Italy and an oxygen provider there, see if they have an oxygen travel program or affiliation with an oxygen provider in the US and in the states you might move to.  This will solve the immediate problem of obtaining home oxygen on arrival.

One of these programs is called OxyTravel at the following link.  https://www.oxygenworldwide.com/help/wiki/521-oxytravel.html

Work with your primary care physician (PCP) to get an account set up with OxyTravel before you leave Italy.  Once you arrive you'll need to find a PCP.  Make sure he or she is willing to write an Rx for home oxygen at the flow rates we need for cluster headache, i.e., 15 to 25 liters/minute.

Take care, V/R, Batch

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