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Psychosomatic much?

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Has anyone else noticed a correlation between talking about Clusters and getting hit with Clusters?

I haven't had a bad attack (Ok, let me define bad - a KIP 5 that lasts 5-10 minutes) in ages. But was on the forum today, posting a bit, and also emailed someone yesterday about the D3 Regimen. Been thinking and talking about Clusters, then BAM! get a Cluster.

I've noticed it before too. It's probably just bad timing, but seems weird.


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Even thinking about it in the days when i was a regular....yes it did

Just worrying it might hit....and it did

But one specific incident gave me a lot of hope. Way back....I think it was '94.....Inside the emergency OR....late at night....and there was this one case left to be operated. I started having a mild one while I was scrubbing. Thought abt asking the other surgeon....but he had gone to attend to another emergency case. So I proceeded. The surgery turned out to be a whole lot easier and shorter than expected. As I was closing the skin....I remembered about the friend....it has just disappeared.

I still remember the time...the sense of relief.

I am pretty sure about it... the psychosomatic association



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That is something my wife tells me all the time, If I talk about it and think about them all the time I am more likely to end up sucking on the O2 tank. It does seem to be true. 

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