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Hi Everyone,

      Wanted to get some feedback on Vimovo.....I am going thru a cycle now and currently on 360mg Verapamil.

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My previous neuro formerly ran the Swedish Pain and Headache Clinic in Seattle....now at Stanford University Med Center....and a well regarded researcher. Best neuro I've ever met...or at least tied with the guy who did my brain surgery last year. She advised to steer WAY clear of Naproxen for anything more than occasional use (perhaps shadows?) as it has  far more negative side effect potential than benefits...she called it a "nasty med"...

Re the verapamil...she was quite the fan....and depending on point of cycle I was using 960-1040 mg/dy (immediate release...not extended). Doses beneficially timed prior to usual hit times. Many reports of 480 mg/dy being the sweet spot for clusterheads (that's what I used in low cycle). 360 sounds low but your particular situation depends on many factors. Discuss with your Doc maybe upping the dose. O2 not working? How about the D3?

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