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Thank you for sharing

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I’ve been dealing with CH for 19 years now and really just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who makes this website possible.  Those of us who suffer from cluster headaches can go to some pretty dark places from time to time and this is the primary source from which I have acquired knowledge, leveraged experiences, and gained hope and determination to persevere to the end of the cycle.  The regular contributors (Batch, CH Father, MoxieGirl, Psiloscribe, and numerous others) have made a difference in my life and, i’m sure, the lives of many more just like me.

This is where I learned about high flow rate 02 with a demand valve, immediate release verapamil, RC seeds, Melatonin, d3 regimen, splitting immitrex, and 5-hour energy as an abortive.  These are life savers!  Just as important - the knowledge that we are not alone, that others have suffered and coped and managed to grind through, and that the pain will eventually come to an end.

Thanks again!


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Thank you!  I'm honored just to be included in the company of the great people you name, and very glad that we and so many other folks here have been able to be helpful to you. This B1 thing seems promising to me -- https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5417-b1-oral-high-dose-thiamine/ -- and of course there's a lot of hope that this new med could be a giant breakthrough: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/5489-lilly-cgrp/


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No need Moxie....another delightful post....and thanks to 15 yrs ch for the shout out...

We do what we can. Besides, what's the point of going through all this pain if one can't help someone else avoid a little of it. 

Ummm...like WOW...what's the point indeed?! There's a whole lot more of  WE(s) than Me(s)...

Likewise though, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for this forum and the people here.

For "me" it started with National Migraine Foundation (now National Headache Foundation)...who almost always did a section on CH in their newsletters (which info was publically unavailable anywhere else)...and introduced me to O2 in 1985! They really don't get the acknowledgement they deserve. Then a guy named DJ started clusterheadaches.com....which I KNOW has saved lives and sanity!!!  (To quote him: "Adversity does not create character...it REVEALS it".) Then, of course, there is this little party bus right here....and ya don't need a ticket to ride!

I remain a blessed, lucky....and grateful man. "Seek and ye shall find"





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