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Hi Gail,

Are you putting a few drops under your tongue? My best friend uses CBD oil to help relieve muscle spasms associated with her MND/ALS. I'm tempted to try it for my migraines, see if it helps. Unfortunately, my clusters are two short (which is really a good thing) for any abortive to work. Mine usually only last a few minutes, thanks to all the busting I've done. 

I know people have reported hit and miss success with cannabis to treat clusters. For some, it makes them worse. 

If it works for you, awesome! Well worth trying.


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Hello Gail and all,

Newbie here, so I'm surprised to see myself commenting.  Wet tissues all over my desk after reading of everyone's posts of success and help to others, and of the realization that there's so many others suffering this terror.

No need for my long story, it's too similar to many others.  Short version is we're into this demon 12 years now, and episodic has decided to go chronic in 2018.  We've got some shrooms incubating at the moment, but they're not cooperating in their growth pattern as best as they could.  The dreaded thoughts of suicide crept into my brain the other day so I raided my stash of Prednisone.

Well what about the CBD?  I'm blown away to hear your results Gail.  Makes me want to run home & pop some of our stash immediately, but I'm totally paranoid of triggering an episode.  You see, I'm now an aging hippie, with what you might call um, some?, experience in the use of cannabinoids over the course of my days, much more so in my youth, but my wife has been experimenting with CBD oil and topicals for various health issues recently and found remarkable results. My understanding of the effects of the usage of these is that they act as a vasodilator (you know - the dilated pupils effect), as opposed to a constrictor, which is mostly the result I think we want, like what the caffeine is helping do.

I was using a bit of the CBD oil late 2017 as an anti-anxiety helper, but since these episodes turned chronic, my wife gets it all to herself.  Maybe I'm totally out in left field on this; in fact I hope I am.  It would be wonderful to have an additional treatment available.  We're learning more & more about the benefits of CBD.

Please keep us updated on your experiences with it. Best of luck!

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