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Busting Music Playlists


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We haven't talked about music for some time, and I'm curious, for those of you that listen to music when you bust, what do you listen to?

I like songs that tell a story and have a good beat, or set a particular mood. I've got about 20 songs in my busting play list, always looking for new ideas though. 

Here's a few I really enjoy when in that headspace. 

  • Spirit in the Sky (love the bass!) - Norman Greenbaum
  • Killing me Softly - Fugees
  • You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette) - the bonus song
  • Can't Get you out of my Head - Kylie Minogue
  • Hotel California - Eagles
  • Matty Groves - Airport Convention
  • Glory Box - Portishead
  • Leave Right Now - Will Young
  • Islands - The xx
  • Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Would love to know what you listen to.


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Hey MG,

My all time favorite for cluster headaches comes from a group called Edgewater, Album, South of Sideways, and the 2003 cut called "Eyes Wide Shut."  Listen to it and recall the last Kip-10...

Take care and hugs,

V/R, Batch

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