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Rebooting the brain

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The other day my cable and internet went out. The typical suggestions we're to disconnect the power and cable wait a few minutes and plug everything back in. REBOOTING. It had me start wondering what if we could reboot our brain. From my understanding the trimengel nerves has something to do with CH. Under a controlled situation we stop the heart which in turn stops the brain. Then bring us back. Rebooting our trimengel activity.  I know that I would be the first to volunteer of course I would want to know all the details.  Any thoughts ?

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Hi Tim...having been on the "stink eye" end of many an IT droid saying :"did you reboot?" (what other technology requires THAT counter-intuitive procedure?)...even when I just fricken said hello....I like your thinking. Now then....what are you proposing? When my heart stops...I expect my clusterheadache worries.... are OVER...………………………



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From my understanding in regards to CH is the trimengel nerves and the hypothalamus which is the computer of the brain.  Under a controlled environment the doctor stops the heart literally putting you into a death state. After a calculated time which has been studied when all brain activity has stopped they bring you back.  This would reboot the brain activity. I would love to get a list of Cluster head's that for what ever reason had a heart attack or accident that had died and came back to life to see if they remained CH or they were gone.  


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