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Help with M tank regulators


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Hey all!

I recently got into the oxygen world of Cluster headaches and still have a lot to learn. I was given two E tanks about two weeks ago now, and they're both almost empty. I'm looking into getting an MM/H tank (the biggest tank) for home use! The only issue is that I'm trying to find the correct regulator size for that type of tank and I've had no luck. I need something that will go up to 25lpm, as I've noticed the reservoir bag isn't filling up as fast I need it to when I'm hyperventilating into the non-rebreather mask. I'm trying to see if I can purchase mine online for cheaper since my regulator for my E tanks cost us $220!!! It was pretty shitty to look up the EXACT SAME REGULATOR  LATER ON AMAZON FOR $20!!!!

Another thing- my mom has concerns for bacteria control/growth when it comes to my mask. I purchased mine from clusterheadaches.com and I guess I'm wondering if there's a way to clean it to prevent the growth of mold or any other types of bacteria? It kinda scares me to think about!! Lol 


Thanks for all of your help so far!

Melanie V :) 

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Hey Melanie,

Unless you've a big burly guy handy to move large oxygen cylinders, I would suggest you order the M-size oxygen cylinder as they weigh 70 lb.  The home oxygen supplier will deliver and set it in the location of your choice.  Better yet, if they have them, order a couple Luxfer M-60 Aluminum oxygen cylinders.  They're small enough for you to lug around and carry in your car as they weigh 24 lbs and hold 1700 liters of oxygen.  It's about the size of a SCUBA Diving cylinder.  The following link provides an image of the Luxfer line of Aluminum cylinders.


The M-size oxygen cylinders have a CGA-540 fill fitting that is also used to attach a regulator so your regulator must be CGA-540.  As you are looking for performance, I would suggest ordering a 0 to 60 lpm InGage regulator from FlotecO2.  I've sent FlotecO2 an email for all the details as they build these regulators to order.  I'll send you their reply.  They run around $175 - $185.  I've had one since 2005 and they're the best oxygen regulator available.  They're equipped with a barb fitting for standard oxygen masks and a single DISS fitting should you decide to get an oxygen demand valve in the future.

The following photo illustrates my M60 with Flotec InGage 0-60 lpm oxygen regulator equipped with a barb fitting and DISS fitting.  This regulator will also work well with the larger M-Size 3995 liter oxygen cylinder.   The regulator is called InGage as the pressure gauge is internal and viewed through a mall window next to the CGA-540 attach fitting.  The other window opposite the green barb fitting indicates the flow rate selected.


As a side note, I buy welder's O2 in an M-size cylinder and have a fill fitting to refill my M60.  I also do welding/brazing... 

An M60 costs $160.  If you're interested, I have part numbers for everything you'll need if you decide to go the Welder's O2 route.

Take care,

V/R, Batch


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I order all my regulators off Amazon also. the M size tank should be a "cga540". 

As far as keeping your mask clean I use a crown royal bag to keep my mask in when it is not in use, that is a cloth breathable bag that keeps the dust off when it is in the car or sitting in my room. I have about 4 masks spread around from work the car and my house.

 I have little alcohol wipes that you would find in a medical kit that I use to wipe the mask out with from time to time. I also will take the mask apart and clean it in the sink. When you clean it in the sink make sure you dry it out 100% so you don't have any issues with a stuck valve or any moist area that bacteria would like to grow in. 

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Many have found a low cost (under $30.00) CGA540 can be had on Amazon.  Here

It take a little bit of time to get the flow right because this regulator will provide much more O2 than needed for our use. Once you find the sweet spot,  it's set and forget.

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I use a welding regulator, but I've also had the good fortune to pick up 2 demand valves on eBay over the years - one for the car and one for the house, both hooked up to M-90 tanks I get from Lincare -

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Here's the contact data for FlotecO2

Respiratory Products
7625 West New York Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46214-4911 USA

Phone: (317) 273-6960 Fax: (317) 273-6979
Order Desk Telephone: (800) 401-1723
To follow up on or to place orders: orderdesk@floteo2.com

The InGage 0-60 lpm oxygen regulator is the only one I know of that can deliver oxygen flow rates above 25 liters/minute.  An optimum oxygen flow rate for rapid aborts is 40 liters/minute.  60 liters/minute works even faster but even in my prime, I couldn't sustain breathing at that flow rate for more than 10 seconds,  after that the back pressure blew out my shirt tail.

The part/model # number you want to order follows:

Model # DR5103 - 7003 T1

Email or call the order desk and give them this part/model # number and a credit card number as they build to order.  Be sure to tell them you're a Cluster Headache sufferer and that I sent you.  That won't get me anything or lower your cost... but it will generate a sense of urgency in building the regulator and getting it off to you.  Once they have a credit card number and the part number, the whole process starts.


I've evaluated nearly every oxygen regulator in the market for a study of the oxygen demand valve method of aborting CH done by Dr. Todd Rozen, MD and the FlotecO2 InGage is the hands-down winner when it comes to performance and reliability.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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