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RC seeds...

Sid jackson

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I am sure someone with more knowledge then I have will post here soon but from what I have read on this site you crush the seeds up and soak them in water for an hour or 2, strain the slurry out with a coffee filter and drink the water. Some have just drank it all without the filtering but it can sometimes cause a nauseous feeling. 

People do use them for maintenance between cycles also

depending on the person I think the starting dose is 50 to 80 seeds but I would read up on that a little more. I am also thinking about trying the seeds and have only read about it so far so I have no  experience with seeds. 

Also stay away from taking any triptans and stay on the 5 day schedule between doses. 

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Hi Sid

I've used RC successfully a couple of times in the past using Moxiegirl's recipe, although I drank the sludge as well as, in the absence of any scientific evidence, I didn't want to waste anything. I asked, and got answers to, a lot of the questions you may have on this thread:


I was interested to see that some people recommend using a coffee filter to get rid of the sludge, and I think I'll give it a go in future as I find it quite disgusting  and it leaves me feeling a bit nauseous for a few hours afterwards. The whole thing is about trial and error, self experimentation and using the excellent advice from the great people on this forum.

Very best wishes and good luck.

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