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Chronic pain article....

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This....from the magazine "Brain and Life"...formerly "Neurology Now"


While clusterheads are not in "chronic" pain...we ARE in our own form of "intermittant chronic pain"....and this article resonated with me in several areas. It took many years but I finally figured out that HOW I perceived AND reacted to the pain of CH...and my general attitude to life...and life with CH.... made nearly as much difference to me as O2 and all the multitude of meds. See especially the last section "Turning off Negative Thoughts".




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Interesting article. I didn't seem them mention massage. Massage is awesome for managing stress and helping with chronic pain.

Oh, and yes, clusters can be chronic. Maybe not in the sense of 24/7, like some chronic pains are. But I've have chronic clusters since they started in 2007. :/ 

My approach is simple. Life is what happens between headaches. 


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